Virginia Tech University’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Banned for Ten Years


It is not uncommon for freshmen in college to want to experience the Greek life.

Leaving your comfort zone can be very nerve wrecking especially if you had to move several states away from your hometown leaving everything behind including your family, best friends, and even your significant other.

That’s why most students want to feel like they belong and that drives them to join fraternities or sororities because they provide that opportunity for them.

Being involved in Greek life has its pros and cons. It is not unknown that being affiliated with these types of organizations opens you to tons of opportunities.

You may get to meet children who come from very influential families and build a connection with them that could benefit you in the future.

But the most alarming thing about joining a fraternity or a sorority is their initiation. It is also known as pledging and it involves multiple stages and the most feared of all, hazing.

Hazing is an initiation ritual that could include being humiliated in public and spanking.

Spanking is one of the most dangerous activities in hazing as it can lead to physical abuse which can result to death.

In 1923-1980, there were approximately around 130 students who got injured and killed during the hazing ritual.

Recently, Virginia Tech’s fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha got banned for ten years due to abusive conduct and hazing.

A student complained to university officials they he and six other students were hazed during their initiation.

They were taken to an unknown location and when one person got a question wrong all six of them got beaten. And the ritual went on until 5 in the morning and continued for three more days.

One student who complained to the university about the fraternity’s abusive and violent ways of hazing collapsed in the snow and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

Prior to dropping out of school he is still receiving medical attention.

The university decided to give Alpha Phi Alpha a decade-long ban and it was even strongly suggested that several of the members of the fraternity who were involved in the hazing ritual be expelled from the university.

Only 44 out of 50 states in America have anti-hazing laws. The number of deaths and injuries that this ritual has caused is indefinite.

Although it is banned in 44 states, there is still a lot of hazing going on despite the anti-hazing law.

Their reason for their continued ritual of hazing is because the members of the fraternity have experienced hazing so it is only fair for the pledges to go through the same process.

It strengthens the bond of the brotherhood and boosts their esteem.

Although a lot of colleges and universities seem unaware of hazing going on within their fraternities, it is up to you to decide whether putting both your mental and physical health in danger is worth it just to experience a sense of belongingness and leadership.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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