US Universities Top List of CWUR World University Ranking 2016


The Center for World University Ranking, a company that measures

“the quality of education and training of students as well as the prestige of the faculty members and the quality of their research”,

without using data from international or local surveys or information submitted by the universities, has recently released their results for 2016 this July.

There are over 1,000 universities around the world listed in the ranking, and most of the top spots are occupied by universities from the United States of America.

The list made ranked the universities using 8 indicators, measured relative to the university’s population size:

  • Quality of Education – measured by alumni who have received major awards
  • Alumni Employment – measured by former students who held high positions at large companies around the world
  • Quality of Faculty – refers to the number of faculty members who won awards or recognition worldwide
  • Publications – the number of research papers published by the university that appeared in scientific or academic journals
  • Influence – a step higher than “Publications” as it measures the number of papers published in influential journals
  • Citations – the number of cited research papers
  • Broad Impact – measures the number of “highly impactful papers” published by the university
  • Patents – the number of international patent fillings

Top List of CWUR World University Ranking 2016

The No.1 spot went to Harvard University, with a rank of 1 for all categories (National Rank, Quality of Education, Alumni Employment, Quality of Faculty, Publications, Influence, Citations, and Broad Impact), except for Patents, where they ranked 3.

Stanford University came in at No.2, with a score of 98.25, and ranking 2 in the National Rank, Alumni Employment, and Quality of Faculty.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranked 3rd, but was happily No.1 under the Patents category, and ranked 2 in the categories Quality of Education, Influence, Citations, and Broad Impact.

Fourth place went to the University of Cambridge, and fifth place to the University of Oxford, both from the United Kingdom.

The rest of the top 10 went to other universities from the United States of America:

6) Columbia University

7) University of California, Berkeley

8) University of Chicago

9) Princeton University

10) Yale University

Other prominent schools were also on the top list.

Cornell University ranked 11, University of Pennsylvania in the 14th spot, Dartmouth College in the 50th place, and Brown University in the 87th rank.

In fact, many universities from the USA made it to the top 1000 list, making the USA the largest represented country in the 2016 rankings, where it dominated the top 20 list.

The 2015 ranking were nearly the same for the top 10 occupants except that last year, Cornell University was in the 10th spot, while Yale was close behind.

This year, the tables were turned and Yale had gotten a place in the top 10, with Cornell in the 12th rank.

The Center for World University Ranking, an authority on government and educational consulting, started in 2012 as a project in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

It began with a ranking of the top 100 universities, and then ballooned into a worldwide report on top 1,000 universities around the globe, making CWUR the largest ranking of universities internationally.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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