University of Utah’s Alpha Chi Omega Sorority Helps Rape Survivor


Brigham Young University is a privately owned University owned by the Mormon Church in Provo, Utah.

Madi Barney who is an undergraduate of the university reported to the police on September 2015 that she has been raped by a man who is not a fellow student, Nasiru Seidu.

Instead of helping rape victims find justice, BYU will suspend or expel their students as it violates the student’s honor code.

BYU’s honor code violates gender equity law Title IX and Madi Barney has federal complaints against the school. Since her case has gone public, it has caught the attention of a sorority of the University of Utah.

Alpha Chi Omega is a sorority that is engaged in several philanthropies that helps fellow women.

BYU has shown no compassion for Madi Barney’s situation and is condemning students who have engaged in premarital sex whether or not it’s a sexual assault.

A similar situation happened to Keli Bryers however, this case is more alarming because she was sexually assaulted by a Mormon missionary who was older than her.

Naturally, she told her family and their bishop of the incident but instead of calling the authorities and putting the perpetrator behind bars she was punished rather than be treated as a victim.

Their reason was that a man had touched her therefore it is enough reason for them not to take any legal action because again it violates the rules of the university.

There was a survey conducted in schools back in 2011 that showed that a vast majority of students are strongly against premarital as it is deemed morally wrong. However, that is still not a reason not to questions BYU’s very biased rules.

Lauren Adams is a member of Alpha Chi Omega and she believes that one of the best things you can do for a rape survivor is to believe in them.

The women in the sorority have decided to send Barney a care package to uplift her spirit and to help her with her current situation. But one of the most important items they included in their package was a paddle.

It is a very significant symbol as it represents Greek life and it also represents that women can stand together despite the differences of their affiliation.

Both universities, BYU and University of Utah, are rivals in college football but that did not stop them from uniting together to stand for a good cause.

Aside from sending her a package, Alpha Chi Omega was already involved in helping out rape and sexual assault victims.

Two months ago they threw a very meaningful philanthropic event and gave all the proceeds to the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition.

A large feminist group has formed on campus helping ‘victims’ of BYU’s honor code by putting their strict, very biased rules into questioning.

Imagine how many victims have suffered from their rules and have kept quiet because of the fear of being punished instead of being given justice?

The honor code may as well be a lee way for sexual assaulters to do as they please because they know very well that their actions will go unpunished. Hopefully, soon enough their actions will not go unpunished anymore.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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