Trump University Bogus Curriculum?


As the original idea for Trump University is to offer a range of online courses covering all aspects of business, however, it soon became a racketeering operation, especially from the eyes of the people who do real estate education for a living.

In 2005, Michael Sexton, a Dartmouth-educated management consultant, reportedly approached politician Donald Trump with the idea of capitalizing on Trump’s name to set up an online education program.

Trump University Online Courses

Sexton claimed the original offerings at Trump University (now defunct) were intended to cover a wide scope of areas than just a real estate institution. Trump U. would offer a traditional business curriculum with courses on marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, and sales.

The faculty members at Trump University were going to be prominent professors from major universities.

The online courses at Trump University were going to be well-structured, utilizing techniques acquired from Columbia University’s online program, among others.

A distinguished real estate professor at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business –  John Vogel, who happens to be Sexton’s real estate professor at Dartmouth, during those early years, Sexton made a formal request to Vogel to develop some lectures for Trump University.

Vogel then gave a short course on “how to buy a house,” which is one of his favorite classes in the introductory course at Dartmouth – a private university in Hanover, New Hampshire.

Vogel agreed to do it in part for the reason that he could see what it was like to offer an online course, which in 2005, was still ahead of its time.

Vogel stated that the conception about the institution, as presented to him, was to come up with a whole series of high-quality online courses.

When they launched the Trump University, Vogel was photographed sitting next to the American businessman Trump.

“Trump was quite a publicity machine. It was an opportunity to reach a lot of individuals,” Vogel stated.

Trump University Not Accredited

However, Trump University had picked up steam in 2007 and dramatically changed its paths. Vogel suspects Trump University’s online courses did not make enough money.

The university changed smoothly into make-a-quick-buck seminars with high-power sales gimmicks directed at individuals basically could not afford it.

Trump University caused students to believe they would get rich by following Trump’s techniques.

Students were assured by the advertisements that they would get Trump’s personal attention and get to be trained by hand-picked experts.

But, Vogel said that if he had only known what the Trump University would become, Vogel  would have had no part of it.

Trump University was never considered a university. Trump U was not accredited, they offered no degrees and their curriculum is not logical and consistent.

The New York State Office of Education asked authoritatively that the persons who runs the place quit calling it a university, for the reason that they were not qualified as one in the state.

In augmenting the core curriculum, many major university-based real estate programs also offer courses in property management, appraisal, corporate real estate, capital markets, complex deal structures, public finance, private equity, housing and social policy.

And perhaps most important, the university never offered the full set of courses that are standard in real estate programs at major universities such as Harvard, USC, Columbia, MIT, and Wharton.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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