Top Schools Rank Highest on Rape Cases


School rape cases seem to be quite common these days with the Stanford sexual assault case stealing the headlines for the past few weeks. Former athlete of an elite school, Stanford, has been convicted of rape for assaulting an unconscious girl outside the house of a fraternity during a party.

Brock Turner, the convicted rapist, is sentenced to six months in county jail and will be under probation for six years. He was supposed to face ten years in prison but Judge Aaron Pesky decided to give Turner a very light sentence than what he truly deserved which has caused an outrage. There is a petition online that has gained 1.2 million petitioners demanding the removal of Aaron Pesky.

According to federal campus safety data, one of the most prestigious and elite schools in America have the highest number of rape cases. Brown University is an Ivy League school which is known for its social elitism and expensive tuition fees, tied with University of Connecticut with a total of 43 rape cases each.

There are rape cases that have never been reported because the victims are too scared of the outcome and want to protect their name from public scrutiny but recently, with all the rape headlines in the news, students are finally building up the courage to report to the authorities about being sexually assaulted.

The U.S. Department of Education website provides useful information about recent sexual cases. Stanford had a seemingly low number of rape cases back in 2014 with a total of 26. There are some colleges and universities that have failed to acknowledge complaints about sexual assault.

Kenneth Starr was the president of Baylor University but has been demoted of his position for failing to take action against rape cases within the university involving their students.

Rape cases should be reported and taken care of immediately. People are so used to pointing fingers that they fail to assess the significance of a situation. Sexual assault does not only affect the welfare of the victim but their families as well.

Offenders should be punished and be dealt with accordingly without being biased whether he comes from an influential family or not.

The Federal Bureau Investigation’s definition of rape is very detailed. No matter how slight the penetration is or oral penetration without the permission of the person of the victim is already considered rape. Rape is alarmingly common among women who go to college.

Rape happens anywhere, it is even more common in campuses. There is no use in denying it. Universities need to take legal action right away. It is indeed an issue of safety. And no matter what religion the school is, rape cases should never be gender biased.

A Mormon university in Utah used their honor code against rape victims. Because of their beliefs in their religion, they don’t treat victims as victims because they deem that once you have been penetrated, with or without your consent, you have already engaged in premarital sex.

Therefore, the sex offender goes unpunished. But with the amount of rape cases piling up recently, more victims are taking a stand against rape cases and helping victims find justice.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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