Top 10 Disability Friendly Colleges Universities

disability friendly colleges universities has just published a guide for students with disabilities to help them select the best schools.

The guide, entitled “Navigating an Online Education for Students with Disabilities,” is authored by Kenneth Williams, a well-known higher education researcher.

Williams’ top 10 schools for students with disabilities are listed below.

They have been evaluated based on these institutions’ attitude toward people with special needs and campus accessibility.

10 Best Disability Friendly Colleges

Ball State University located in Indiana

According to the Princeton Review, this university is one of the best educational institutions in the Midwest.

They offer almost 200 pre-professional studies and undergraduate majors. Their academic opportunities further include more than a hundred doctoral and master’s doctoral degrees.

Experience is the best teacher, and for this reason the university focuses on immersive learning systems.

Students benefit greatly from various research activities, programs in partnership with the community, and other educational endeavors.

This university also offers Disability Services, it is among the 75 educational institutions which deeply honor the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (Section 504).

University of Arizona

This is a multi-awarded university that warmly welcomes students with special needs and helps them achieve their dreams.

World’s no. 1 in political philosophy; Arizona’s no. 1 public university and no. 12 for the university’s undergraduate business program among the nation’s public establishments according to the US News & World Report.

No. 3 in national ranking for its School of Government and Policy; James E. Rogers College of Law is considered as one of the greatest educational institutions for practical training according to the National Jurist Magazine; and many more recognition from prestigious organizations.

University of California, Berkeley

This university’s legacy to the world is priceless. The university was founded in 1868, with a mission to make a real difference in our human society.

Students’ passions are well- nurtured whether in the field of arts, science, athletics, scholarly studies, etc. Yet, everyone shares the same vision: to build a world that’s better and greater than its past.

Cleveland State University

Located in Ohio: CSU is known for its academic excellence and accomplishments.

This state university offers more than 200 academic degrees and 8 colleges along with a School of Nursing.

A student’s education involves interaction with the community and the world — the school’s philosophy of engaged learning.

University of Connecticut

UConn has more than 10 schools and colleges with more than a hundred undergraduate studies.

Their faculty is composed of education experts who value their students’ aspirations and act as their partners in paving their way toward career advancement and greater success in life.

The Disabled World includes UConn in its list of US colleges and universities with disability policies.

Edinboro University

Located in Pennsylvania: Campus life and learning are an unforgettable experience for Edinboro students. Their academic pursuits are filled with challenges and rewarding feats.

An impressive number of great artists and great minds have been born from Edinboro including successful animators who now work for Pixar/Disney.

Like Ball State, Berkeley, and UConn, this school also has a policy for students with disabilities according to the Disabled World.

University of Houston

Located in Texas: This is the no. 1 public research university in the city with hundreds of undergraduate and graduate degrees to offer.

It was founded in 1927, whose growth has been very remarkable that the university now serves a student population of more than 40,000.

UH makes sure that their students get to acquire much-needed skills to succeed in their chosen careers through internship with global and national companies located in the grand metropolis.

A disability-friendly university listed in, as well.

University of Illinois

This historic institution, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, was founded in 1867.

They are the pioneer in innovative research that’s been benefiting the whole world, earning them an impressive number of Pulitzer and Nobel Peace Prizes.

Students from all over the country and the world attend this university, all of them mentored by an exceptional faculty and supported by world-class educational and research facilities.

They are also among those schools who warmly welcome people with disabilities.

University of Southern Illinois

This University was founded in 1869, and currently ranks among the finest schools for higher education in the country.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching awarded it with the eminent 2015 community engagement classification — a testimony to the university’s excellence in educational practice.

Michigan State University

The Disabled World has also included this state university among those schools that care for the welfare of students with disabilities.

It is one of the world’s finest research institutions with students coming from diverse backgrounds, all of them nurtured and educated in a way that makes them fully prepared to build and succeed in their careers.


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