Southern New Hampshire University’s New Online Courses


The Southern New Hampshire University now gives you an opportunity to earn a bachelor or master’s degree in English and creative writing in an exciting virtual environment.

The new online courses are formulated by experts who have a deep understanding of everyone’s need to be effective writers and communicators.

You will improve your skills not only in writing, but in research, analysis, and critical thinking as well.

The lessons are practical and fun. SNHU employs a very user-friendly platform called BlackBoard learning management system.

You’ll enjoy participating in your lessons and connecting with other students and SNHU advisors and instructors.

There are no scheduled log-in hours! You can study your lessons at your most convenient time!

Southern New Hampshire University Online Course Student Testimonials

“Communication through Blackboard in the courses is easy to access and navigate through. The professors are very helpful with questions and they are committed to our continued success,“ relates Stephanie Einertson who enrolled in an SNHU online course in order to earn a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and English. How did she find SNHU? Stephanie further says, “I was lost in looking for a great English program. The local universities and colleges didn’t offer the program that I was looking for. I was just about to give up when I saw a commercial for SNHU on the TV. I immediately went online and looked at the programs. SNHU’s English and creative writing program was exactly what I was looking for.”

Another SNHU student is Joan Raymond who is seeking a master’s degree. She discovered her passion for creative writing and made the decision to pursue it. “In 2011, while attending another online school for graphic design, a microeconomics class required us to write ‘engaging and interesting papers with less math and more creativity.’

With my first assignment I experienced the big ‘Aha’ moment and realized I had to change my focus and find a creative writing program. After speaking to admissions counselors at SNHU, I knew this was where I was supposed to be.”

There are also those writers who feel that they want more out of life, to make the most out of their talent.

Diane Walters had already completed a writing course along with several students, but she wanted to gain more confidence so she could see her work getting published.

“Although the staff told me I was ready to submit to magazines, I was still unsure of myself: the logic of writing, the grammar and English. I was noticing that every writer who knocked off my socks had a master’s degree in English or creative writing.”

And so, when she discovered that the most excellent creative writing course is available at SNHU, she immediately took the chance to be able to realize her dream.

Donna Kilgore shares the same experience.

“I have always been a writer. I enrolled in a writing school, and began working freelance and as an aspiring novelist. I became published for the first time while enrolled there, and I earned my completion diploma. But I wanted more. I wanted to get a degree in writing – a real one.”

The 40-year-old mom continues,

“I began seeking out schools that offered writing degrees. I did some research and made a few calls. It had been two decades since I’d earned my associate degree, and I was nervous and excited to get started,”

Donna opted to enroll at SNHU and never regretted her decision.

“This has been one of the most amazing and worthwhile things I’ve ever done for myself. I love the classes offered. The professors are amazing. The advisors are involved and encouraging, and even though I’m an off-campus student, I truly feel a part of the experience at SNHU.”

Truly, with SNHU, you have the freedom to choose the right course for you and they are all there to support you until you feel you already have a strong foundation for your cherished dream as a writer and communicator.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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