Simon Fraser University Student Facing Triple Sex-Assault Case


Simon Fraser University officials have confirmed they are investigating a male student after he sexually assaulted three female students.

Kurt Heinrich, Simon Fraser University spokesperson, made it known that the alleged incidents happened during the 2016 spring semester.

Heinrich stated that they are fully aware of the three allegations of sexual assault that were made by female students last semester against one male student.

Heinrich also said that all the violent events were reported to the authorities.

Despite Heinrich didn’t confirm if the suspect of the sexual assault is still a student at Simon Fraser University, however, it has been noted that the male student is no longer on the campus.

Jon Driver, vice-president of academic and provost, said in a statement that the time university personnel was informed about the  particular allegations, they did all they can to support the female students concerned, and they cooperate with the police investigation.

However, Jon Driver stated SFU’s priority is to look after the safety and privacy of the university students, but, Driver said he has limited ability to discuss specifics.

Driver said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) and the university carried out safety assessments, and measures were taken to protect the safety of the Simon Fraser University community.

It has been said that there was no certainty if any public notice was given to the students. Heinrich said the university held the details of the allegations at the moment, for the reason of privacy issues and the ongoing investigation.

Heinrich mentioned that these sexual assault cases are incredibly complex.

Heinrich also said that their priority has always been and always will be, the student’s safety and support, in a way that if a student of the university who has been impacted by something like this incident is supported.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police of Burnaby unleashed a statement saying they’re investigating the sexual assault allegations, but did not give any specific details.

Despite the university guarantees their paramount concern was the safety of the students, one professor indicated the faults of the administration’s reaction, the professor described it as “indifferent.”

Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Simon Fraser University’s economics professor, stated that she was approached by the 18-year-old alleged victim, who is living away from home for the first time.

Griffin Cohen said she’s been banging the SFU administration to take action, noting that the suspect was living in the university dorm.

Griffin Cohen opens up her opinion by saying it’s extraordinary that the person who was the suspect of a sexual assault was still in a dorm with the victim.

Griffin Cohen claimed the university did not have the expert skill or knowledge needed to protect these female students and their reaction regarding the incident was very late.

After the incident, the university only made an attempt to put in a real policy, Griffin Cohen assumes it as a result of the provincial legislation.

In addition, the Simon Fraser University is the latest to engage with alleged sexual assaults involving their students, after the University of B.C. and University of Victoria was under fire with accusations they had mishandled reports of attacks.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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