National University Collaborates with Teach for America Train Teachers Leaders in San Diego


Teach for America, a nonprofit organization, collaborated with San Diego-based National University to train teachers who will be a wholehearted dedicated to work at least two years in schools in local low-income communities.

National University – San Diego, California’s nonprofit institution of higher education, will train 25 students each year in the Teach for America program.

Teach for America, founded by Wendy Kopp based on her 1989 undergraduate thesis at Princeton University, was launched to encourage top university graduates to educate for at least two years in low-income neighborhoods.

Teach for America has stretched out to 53 communities and the nonprofit organization has been in San Diego since 2013.

The founding executive director of Teach for America San Diego – David Lopez,  stated that as the local program was going strong into its fourth year, Teach for America was looking for a better way to work for student teachers.

“One of the things that kept coming up was the expression of necessity for more flexibility in the teacher’s schedule,” Lopez stated.

Lopez asserted that Teach for America had been at San Diego State University, which has educated about 80 teachers.

Each year, SDSU will persist in an activity to train three to five Teach for America students in bilingual education.

Lopez said that Teach for America will be a good fit with National University – San Diego, for the reason of  National University’s one-class-a-month format that is designed to create an adjustable schedule for students.

Besides the flexible schedule, Lopez said that the philosophy of Teach for America already are aligned with the parts of the National University’s curriculum.

The National University provides a number of components sponsored by philanthropist Denny Sanford, that includes the Sanford Inspire Program, which the Teach for America principals will be used in a curriculum designed to create inspiring educators.

Michael Cunningham, National University Chancellor, said in a statement that he came face to face with Lopez about four years ago and informed about Teach for America’s progress in San Diego.

Cunningham claimed that about two years ago, San Diego State University Foundation President Jack McGrory approached him to talk about collaborating with Teach for America.

Cunningham said that the two programs came together was like hand in glove.

Lopez made it known that the 25 students engaging in the National University program already have undergraduate degrees, and 75 percent of them will study for hard-to-staff areas of math, special education, science, bilingual education and early childhood education.

Students in the Teach for America program have the opportunity to get a scholarship of $11,000 from AmeriCorps and a scholarship of $8,000 from National University to go toward the student’s tuition at the school.

Judy Mantle, Sanford College of Education Dean, asserted that the other benefits for the students include the means of entry to Spectrum Business Park, including a variety of services for students, plus the weekly meetings with the mentors of Teach for America.

A National University graduate – Whitney Brooks, who went through the program training in New York, taught at a Bronx school, but Brooks is carrying on her two year commitment as a mentor at the San Diego Center for Children in Kearny Mesa.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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