James Franco Inspires Graduates at Cornell University


James Franco was invited to speak for the commencement ceremony one of the private Ivy League school in America.

Cornell University is one of the most prestigious universities and was founded in 1865 by Ezra Cornell and Andrew Dickinson White.

Although James Franco did not go to Cornell University or to an Ivy League, he was still able to give a very moving speech.

During his speech, he told the graduating class about the hardships he faced in life. Show business is not for the faint-hearted and he went through a rough path to get to where he is now.

When he graduated from high-school he was accepted to Cornell University but decided to go to UCLA instead to study English but dropped out after his first year to pursue his acting career.

If he didn’t drop out he would have had to wait for two more years before he could get into the university’s acting program.

Since he went against his parent’s wishes, he had to work for a living at McDonalds’s but he still had the determination to pursue his dreams.

He mentioned that he would often practice different accents on customers. It has always been his childhood dream to become an actor.

Ivy League schools are regarded as schools for the elite but Cornell University does not have much snobiness as do other Ivy League schools, but privileged nonetheless. James Franco’s speech has a very powerful message.

He wanted to make the graduates realize that you can still succeed even if you do not have the privileges you wish in life.

Determination is the key and you just have to keep doing what you believe in. You just need to keep believing in yourself even no one is around to support you.

At a young age, James Franco knew what he wanted and that is, to become an actor. He was willing to do anything to achieve his dreams.

His determination lead him to be able to work with highly esteemed actors. He even decided to finish his education and went back to UCLA to get his English degree.

James Franco is also a director now and has directed several films. Despite his success he was still able to remain humble and grounded.

He is active in philanthropic activities because he believes he needs to give back and helping others is one the things in life that can make you happy.

Franco is not new in giving inspiring speeches. Back in 2012, he was invited to give a speech for the graduating class of 2012 and he was very successful with the message he tried to convey.

Getting James Franco to speak at the commencement ceremony of Cornell just shows that Cornell is not as elitist as most people would deem it to be.

Ivy League schools strive for academic excellence and would probably not invite someone to speak on such a significant day if he or she did not have an exemplary academic record. But James Franco showed that excellence is not limited to the privilege. The only person who can make you succeed is yourself.

Rob Clark

SchoolCampus.org admin staff managing editor

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