Google Offers Free Cloud Credits to Universities

Google Free Cloud Credits

Google CEO Sundar Pichai is serious about rapidly increasing customer use of Google’s cloud service.

The biggest search engine company unveiled yesterday, June 21, 2016, its Google Platform Education Grant which gives computer science faculty and students free credits for use of their cloud services. These credits can be used any time during the 2016 – 2017 school year.

Google is huge, and has amassed thousands and millions of users from search engine to Youtube to other Google services like Gmail, Google Plus, Google Drive, and more.

It’s clear that the search giant has no plans of stopping. The Google Cloud Platform has already been used by students good with computers.

Brittany Wenger from Duke University, North Carolina, created Cloud4Cancer to help women battle breast cancer.

It was built on the Google App Engine or (GAE), which is a PaaS or Platform-as-a-Service cloud infrastructure that serves to develop and host web applications.

With the Cloud4Cancer, medical professionals can upload scans of tumors and other helpful resources. Cloud4Cancer then distinguishes between healthy and unhealthy tissue and provides a powerful tool in fighting breast cancer.

The Google Cloud Platform can be an invaluable asset for the university faculty and students.

It’s secure and, according to the website itself, “We’ve built our cloud for the long haul.” This serves to reassure users that the cloud platform is meant to be in use for many decades to come.

Being the most powerful search engine in current use, Google has tons of research-driven data that users of the Google Cloud Platform can access to build better products and to do more academic studies.

The website also reassures users that there’s no need to worry “about capacity, reliability, or performance” as the platform will adjust to accommodate the user.

Chief executive officer Pichai said,

We can take this computing power and optimize it for all customers, and we are now able to bring this to bear just as the movement to cloud has reached a tipping point. Public cloud services are a natural place for us.”

Professor Majd Sakr of Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Computer Science said that students who have access to such a large cloud platform can gain experience and information about the infrastructures employees and employers use today.

With the Google Cloud Platform, students will have a better chance at landing a good job in the future.

 The cloud platform offers a range of unique tools:

Google App Engine can help the university students and faculty build applications.

Google BigQuery manages data and helps with analyzing large sets of information.

Cloud Vision API can be used by students to incorporate image recognition into mobile or web apps.

Cloud Machine Learning allows users to build machine learning models. It’s based on TensorFlow, which is used popularly in GitHub.

Universities can submit their applications to use these Google services for free for one full academic year. Already, there are four million applications running on Google’s cloud platform.

While that number is huge, Google will still have to compete with Amazon’s cloud computing services or AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure, which the Microsoft company touts as the “cloud for modern business”.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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