Get a Graduate Degree in Social Media?


Some colleges like University of Pennsylvania and University of Southern California offer non-traditional courses like “Wasting Time on the Internet” and “Selfie Class”, respectively, some schools offer graduate studies in Social Media.

The University of Southern California Annenberg’s School for Communication and Journalism offers a master’s degree in Digital Social Media.

The degree focuses on helping students become experts or “gurus” in the field of social media.

Students will learn to manage different social media networks, online communities, digital media technology and software, and will “develop expertise in the practice, theory, and strategies that are essential for success in today’s business and social landscape.

The program requires 32 units to complete, which is to be done in one year, from January to December.

Students dip their hands into different sectors involving social media, like design and management of networks and apps.

As a final project, students will form teams and conceptualize a social media app or network. Each team will be given a $10,000 grant for them to develop and launch their very own digital media product.

The program has already come up with various sites and networks for their projects. One team has “BakitWhy, a website that publishes articles, news, videos, and photos on the Filipino-American lifestyle.

Another one developed “Dog Land”, an app for dog-owner and dog-lovers. It includes great features for training, health tracking, walking, and technology for dogs. It’s still in the testing stage, but over 444 users have reserved this app.

There’s even “Cohabi”, which is now available on the Apple store. It’s an app that’s meant to help roommates or housemates share and track their chores.

The University of Southern California isn’t the only one with this degree, though. The School of Journalism and Communications of the University of Florida also offers a Master’s Degree in Social Media.

The degree is a 38-credit program that students can complete online!

Businesses don’t survive with traditional marketing strategies anymore, and getting a degree in social media can be a big help.

The University of Florida’s graduate program promises students a bright and successful future in the digital and social media industry.

Graduates of this master’s degree can find themselves working as online communications manager, social media specialist, online media marketing manager, social media analyst, or public relations manager. Such jobs can earn around a starting salary of $90,000.

The Rutgers Business School – Newark & New Brunswick, meanwhile, has launched a mini-MBA in social media.

This is a certificate program that only requires students to complete nine modules. Courses are taught by top professionals in the social media marketing and business sectors.

Students will not only learn about social media trends, but also network platforms, mobile engagements, case studies, and marketing strategies and tactics.

They will also be introduced to the psychological implications and factors behind social media behaviors and interactions.

While the students won’t be developing their own apps or networks here, the mini-MBA program graduates will have learned how to conceptualize and manage social media campaigns across various sites and tools.

Students might not get a grant for a project, but they sure will each receive an Apple iPad for the course!

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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