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If you were a Potterhead during your pre-teen days or until now then you would know how it feels to be so in love with a fantasy world that you desperately wish you could be a part of. Sadly, we can never be a wizard, unless J.K. Rowling’s books were all a hoax and Harry Potter is actually about a real wizard and we are all muggles.

But there’s a literary series than has been adapted into television that has captivated so many people from all over the world. It is quite similar to Harry Potter, if you have read the novels, but the story is more mature.

It is insanely popular and has very active fanbase from around the globe. You would not be from earth if you have never heard of it. Game of Thrones is an on-going fantasy novel written by George R. R. Martin about a very violent and schemy conflict between noble families from seven different kingdoms. It is on its sixth season on HBO and has recently been renewed for its seventh season which will air in 2017.

Fanatics are so obsessed with the series that it even has its own merchandise selling replicas of weapons, jewelery, and other stuff of the characters. It has also captivated and inspired world-famous designer, Helmut Lang. You can thank Game of Thrones for his 2012 fall collection.

This year the English department of Western University will be offering a course called,”Winter is Coming Game of Thrones.” The school was originally called University of Western Ontario until they re-branded it to Western University.

It is a 2000 level course and has no prerequisites which means anyone can enroll in that course without having previous English subjects as a requirement. The idea of creating this course was by Dr. John Leonard who is apparently a Hellmuth Prize winner.

English is no doubt a perfect course for people who want to venture into the literary world but Leonard feels that a Game of Thrones course might inspire English students to appreciate works like Shakespear or Milton. Their works has always been perceived by many as very hard to understand and can be very dull and that is why some people never get exposed to good literature.

Leonard thinks that students who are either English or non-English students who take up the Game of Thrones course can expand their literary interests.

Leonard’s interest is mainly about teaching and researching the works of John Milton, an English poet during the times of Oliver Cromwell. He compared the similarities between Game of Thrones and Milton’s works and said there is a similarity with their themes which is why he created the course.

You might question the significance of this course but it is almost impossible to find time to read for pleasure and to balance time when you’re a busy college student. And how we wish that reading school books is as enjoyable as reading our favorite novel?

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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