Florida International University Professor Arrested Drugging Raping Housekeeper

Florida International University

On Thursday, a business professor of Florida International University has been arrested on charges of drugging and raping a housekeeper in an assault recorded by the professor’s home security cameras.

The U.S. Marshals Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force along with the Lee County Sheriff’s deputies arrested David Ralston at the Days Inn Hotel in Fort Lauderdale.

The U.S. marshals moved in on the 69-year-old Ralston after, they said, the suspect was unwilling to surrender to authorities over the last month and a half.

Barry Golden of the U.S. Marshal’s Service said that Mr. Ralston obviously thumbed his nose at law enforcement and must face the charges.

As stated by the U.S. Marshals, the FIU’s management and internal business professor, allegedly assaulted a woman at his Fort Myers home while the victim was incoherent.

Professor Ralston is now charged with sexual battery when a victim is helpless.

Authorities claimed that in April, Ralston hired the victim through Craig’s List to clean his home. And according to the statement from Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the housekeeper was at the professor’s home on April 29, where the suspect allegedly offered the woman a drink, which the housekeeper consented to receive the offer.

The victim said in a statement to the officials that, after 30 minutes, she became very disoriented and had an impression that she was drugged and afterwards passed out shortly.

U.S. Marshals claimed that the time the victim became very disoriented, it was the time professor Ralston is alleged to have sexually assaulted the housekeeper on Ralston’s back porch against the victim’s will.

Detectives added the U.S. Marshals’ claimed, by stating that, the victim attempted to push the suspect away but she was unsuccessful.

On May 1, detectives from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office acquired a video from the home security system of the professor showing the alleged sexual assault on the victim.

“A search warrant came into the possession of the Lee County Sheriff and legally obtained the video showing professor Ralston’s alleged sexual assault,” said U.S. Marshal Golden.

However, Ralston’s attorney claimed that his client had not been a fugitive, but he was waiting for a warrant to be served.

Florida International University released a statement on the professor’s status with the University. FIU stated that they have the knowledge that FIU business professor Ralston has been arrested this morning.

Professor Ralston was last at the FIU at the conclusion of the Spring Semester and Ralston has no assignment during the summer.

Ralston became the third faculty member of Florida International University to be accused of sexual misconduct.

Destini Feagin (women’s basketball captain of FIU) firmly established the text messages and an audio recording to support her claim that coach Marlin Chinn tried to have a sexual relationship with her throughout the 2015-16 season.

Marlin Chinn, a newlywed father-to-be, was fired by the university.

A former female architecture student filed a $75,000 lawsuit of sexual battery against Adam Drisin (FIU’s senior associate dean in the College of Architecture and Arts). Drisin left Florida International University in September 2015.

Rob Clark

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