Dartmouth University’s Engineering Major Invents Running Injury Device


Dartmouth College is an Ivy League school among the eight institutions that is known to be one of the most prestigious and best universities in the world. It was founded in 1769 and is ranked number 12 in 2016. Going to an Ivy League school usually denotes social elitism but it is also known for its academic excellence and competitive sports team.

If you’re a student athlete then you are very much aware of the common problems/injuries that fellow athletes usually experience. Robert Halvorsen is an engineering major in Dartmouth College and he constantly hears from his friends who are on the track team that they feel that they are slightly injured but they don’t really know why.

There’s a reason why every sport has its own shoes. Athletic shoes have its own function to support your feet from withstanding a certain amount of pressure to reduce the risk of injury and to enhance your performance as well.

Halvorsen is a Frisbee player but he has always been a problem solver that is why he wanted to come up with a solution to that can lower the risk of injury. He teamed up with his classmates and developed a hardware called SmartSole as a class project.

The purpose of this device is to measure the impact on your foot while you are running. Tiny pressures sensors are built in and connected by a thin wire and the data that it gets during each run can be sent to the runner’s Smartphone via Bluetooth.

Sometimes you won’t notice that the soles of your shoes are actually wearing out that’s why you feel that your feet hurt without knowing the actual cause of the injury. SmartSole can inform you what the impact does to your feet and when it’s time for you to throw away your old shoes and buy a new pair.

The use of this new application is not limited to runners only. It can also be useful for doctors and physicians to help them treat their patients better. The data that the app sends to the user can be used to treat medical attention more accurately.

It can lead you to where a certain injury originated and help you get better faster and how to avoid further injuries.

SmartSole is still in the works and a prototype might be available this fall but as of now there is still no affordable technology out in the market that has the function of SmartSole. However, is still a bit bulky, but the goal is to make it as small as it can be to be inserted in the shoe without being invasive.

Another good thing about this latest technology is that it can work in different shoe sizes.

Running is a very injury-prone sport. The most common injuries of runners are runner’s knee, shin splints, and ankle sprain. If you are running with worn-out shoes then you are definitely inviting the risk of having a potentially long lasting injury. This could definitely improve a runner’s life.

Rob Clark

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