Crown Prince Hussein Bin Abdullah Graduates from Georgetown University


Georgetown is popular for its political science program and is known to produce quality students for many years. It is only a few minutes from downtown Washington and is selective with the students they accept. Their acceptance rate 17.4 percent.

Its notable alumni’s are Bill Clinton who is the 42nd president of the United States of America, Hangover’s Bradley Cooper, and daughter of presidential candidate Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, to name a few.

Although it is not uncommon for a graduation in Georgetown University University to feature names from the most influential and prominent families from all over the globe, a very important person from The Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan graduated from the oldest Catholic and Jesuit education, Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah. He is the eldest child of King Abdullah II and Queen Rania and is the heir to the Kingdom of Jordan.

Before he pursued a degree in International History, Crown Prince Hussein has achieved quite a number of notable accomplishments.

Of course being born into the royal family certainly gave him an advantage than most people; he is currently ranked second in the Jordan Armed Forces.

He is also very active in philanthropic activities and is in charge of a youth based initiative, Haqiq, which encourages and supports volunteering for their country. He is also often seen with his father, King Abdulah II, on charitable missions.

He is also active with his military duties and his father has made him Regent while he was travelling abroad. He also enjoys engaging in sports and has recently participated in the 9th Allgau Orient Rally for charity in the Dead Sea.

Aside from a number of blue-blood students who proudly received their diplomas, the royal couple proudly watched their son receive his diploma and could not hide the sense of pride and joy they felt for their son’s achievement.

His mother, Queen Rania, is known for her works in promoting education for the youth.

She has remained grounded despite her glamorous life and that hasn’t stopped her from standing up for what she believes in. She could not hide her excitement and posted a photo of them three on her official Instagram account with the caption “A very special day when your first born is graduating from university! What a wonderful journey you have taken us on, Hussein.”

The crown prince also posted a photo of him receiving his diploma on his Instagram page with a very heart-warming caption, “Closing one chapter and beginning another.” Surely, everyone, especially the people of Jordan, are excited on the new journey that lies in store for him not just as a royal but as someone who has accomplished what every parent would dream for their child.

Georgetown University certainly breeds impeccable students. It will be no surprise if the crown prince will be a king that will be remembered once it is time for him to take his place in the throne. Undoubtedly, Georgetown University has gained another notable alumnus.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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