Caldwell University Offers New Online Master’s Degree


Caldwell University, a liberal arts school in New Jersey, is launching a new online master’s degree for leadership and administration in higher education.

The University itself is not new to offering online courses to its students, but their programs aren’t many.

In fact they only offer two online classes for their undergraduate programs, like a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

For their graduate program, they offer the following: Master of Arts in Educational Administration, Master of Business Administration in General and Concentration in Accounting, Post-Master Principal Certification, Post-Master Supervisor Certification, and Post-Master Superintendent Certification.

Their online courses are limited, though, to only a few places: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia.

The new online course Caldwell University plans to launch will focus on preparing students to take on administrative roles in higher education institutions, like managing student affairs, overseeing resource management, or handling the human resources.

Their online courses run for seven weeks, which means that students who take the class full time can complete their master’s degree in just one year or less.

The course, Master of Arts in Higher Education, has six starting points in a school year. These are the only times in the school year that the students can enroll or register.

The next start date is August 29, 2016.

Online Courses for Higher Education

Other colleges and universities across the United States also have their own online courses for graduate programs in higher education.

Pennsylvania State University has a Master of Education in Higher Education, a 30-credit hours degree online course that focuses on three areas: Institutional Research, Administration, and Student Engagement.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln, meanwhile, offers a 36-credit hour online course in Master in Educational Administration, which focuses on: College Students in America, Current Issues in Education, Finance in Post-Secondary Education, Law and Higher Education, and Introductions to Research.

Indiana State University, built in 1865, has an online course for students planning to complete a graduate degree in education. Their Master of Science in Student Affairs and Higher Education program takes two to three years to finish, and requires 39-credit hours.

The study focuses more on: Collegiate Environments, Student Development, Group Dynamics and Leadership, and The Multicultural Campus.

The Northeastern University in Massachusetts offers an online Master of Education with a Higher Education Administration concentration, which prepares students for k to 12 educational trends and concerns, special education, and even instructional design.

It’s a hundred percent online but demands 45 credit hours, with emphasis on the four topics: eLearning and Instructional Design, Special Education, Higher Education Administration, and Learning and Instruction.

Southern New Hampshire University’s Master of Science in Higher Education Administration meanwhile teaches theory and practice, organizational, and communicative skills.

Caldwell University’s online master’s degree in higher education administration is fairly new, but the school has a good reputation, with solid and valuable rankings across the country.

The university is No. 2 in New Jersey for Best in State Online College 2016. It was also ranked as a Tier 1 institution by the US News and World Report’s “Best Colleges 2015”.

The coordinator for the master’s degree program, Dr. Nancy Becker, says that the online course has been designed to give students the

“theoretical background they need, complemented by experiential learning opportunities individualized to meet their interests.”

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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