Boston University Tanglewood Institute to Celebrate 50th Anniversary With Over 70 Performances


Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI) is a program of the Boston University College of Fine Arts and this year will be its golden (50th) anniversary, with over 70 performances made available for guests and participants.

The institute is recognized globally as a summer training program for amateur aspiring musicians, with aid from the Boston Symphony Orchestra, where students practice and perform several musical concerts.

One such event is the 50th Anniversary Concert on August 6, 2016.

BUTI was founded in 1966 as a counterpart to the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Tanglewood Music Center, which was created for students planning to train in advanced musical studies.

In preparation for the anniversary, BUTI is holding an eight-week events-filled program starting from June 20 to August 13, 2016.

The institute’s teachers and students will be performing over 70 varied musical performances in the Berkshire community.

To celebrate the founding of the school, BUTI has added a Young Artists Opera Intensive for the summer. The institute already has its Young Artists Vocal Program, which opens from July 3 to August 13, for students ages 14 to 19.

The new program, meanwhile, was offered to undergraduate university students. At the end of the program, the students performed an experimental black box version of the operetta “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss last July.

Aside from the new opera program, BUTI will also launch a Visiting Artist Residency Program, a new part of the summer training, which will encourage alumni to participate in the summer trainings are mentors or facilitators.

This year, the Visiting Artists are composer Nico Muhly (from July 25 to August 6) and pianist Simone Dinnerstein (from August 7 until 13).

The two are going to train students in performances, facilitate the summer classes, and collaborate with students to compose musical pieces.

Students will get to know Muhly’s music during the Young Artists Program. Dinnerstein, meanwhile, will be seen in a musical performance with the Young Artists Orchestra on August 13 to end the anniversary celebration.

Here is the calendar of the musical performances:

  • June 20 – 26: Performance by the BUTI faculty
  • July 1 – 2: Die Fledermaus performance by Young Artists Opera Intensive
  • July 16: Young Artists Orchestra, with Lawrence Loh as conductor
  • July 17: Young Artists Wind Ensemble, with David J. Martins as conductor
  • July 30: Young Artists Orchestra, with Paul Haas as conductor
  • July 31: Young Artists Wind Ensemble, with H. Robert Reynolds as conductor
  • August 2: Tanglewood on Parade featuring Young Artists Orchestra and Chorus, with Paul Haas and Katie Woolf as conductors
  • August 6: 50th Anniversary Concert
  • August 12 – 13: Opera Scenes by the Young Artists Vocal Program
  • August 13: Young Artists Orchestra, with Ken-David Masur conducting

Guests can purchase the 50th Anniversary tickets ($20 each) at the Boston Symphony Orchestra website, Box Office, or at the Ozawa Hall Gate, where those interested in watching the Young Artists Orchestra performances at the Ozawa Hall can also purchase their tickets ($12 each).

Other performance, workshops, and concerts are free admission. For more information on the shows and the schedule, guests can visit the BUTI 50th anniversary calendar page

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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