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What colleges Have the Most students?


The more, the merrier! That’s often true when it comes to wild celebrations and festivals, but it might depend when it comes to the college experience. Having a lot of students at a college can be ideal, especially if you’re an extrovert and love to meet new people and make new friends. Plus, it’s a […]

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850 Students Receive Study Abroad Scholarship


According to NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the number of students going abroad to study for credit increases every year. From 289,408 in 2013 to 304,467 in the next academic year, there is a rise in students spending a year months to a year in another country as part of their college program. For many, […]

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US College Students Killed in Recent Bangladesh Terrorist Attack


Last weekend, terrorists attacked a café in Dhaka, Bangladesh, leaving more than 20 dead, with many more injured. Among the casualties were three college students from American universities. Tarishi Jain, an eighteen-year-old sophomore was originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh. After graduating from the American International School in her country, she went to study at the University […]

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Georgetown University Makes Amends for Slavery


In 1838, one of Maryland’s Jesuits, Rev. Thomas Mulledy, then president of Georgetown University, sold 272 slaves to pay off a debt, to keep the college from going bankrupt. This June 2016, however, current Georgetown University president, John J. DeGioia, went to Spokane, Washington to meet up with the descendants of those slaves. Patricia Bayonne-Johnson […]

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Department of Education Addresses Religion Discrimination in Schools and Universities


Religious belief should never be a justification for not allowing a person to achieve learning and success in school. The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights engaged in a community forum in Palo Alto, California which covered the topic of religious discrimination in schools and universities. This roundtable discussion was initiated by an […]

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10% of Cal State Students Homeless

Cal State University

The California State University is a public university system in California, with over 23 campuses and 8 centers. The staff and student population is huge, with at least 460,000 students enrolled, but the university’s own study reveals that one in ten students is, in fact, homeless. The school began its study on homelessness and food […]

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