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10 Famous College Professor Celebrities


It’s not much of a stretch to imagine writers as college professors. But did you know that some celebrities, musicians, actors, and talk show hosts, have college teaching credentials? There are many factors that can make or break a college education and experience. Some say that having an active Greek life will make your experience […]

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Celebrity Fraternity Club Brothers


Fraternities have a reputation of being pretty crazy, with grand and dangerous alcohol-infused (and sometimes drug-infused) parties. So can you imagine a famous actor or political figure partying it out bare-chested or even worse, participating in rush week and making new pledges cry? Can you even imagine the actor playing genius and social pariah Sheldon […]

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Donald Trump’s Complete Education Background Revealed


Even before he ran for president, Donald Trump has graced TV screens, tabloids, newspapers, and magazines due to his luxury businesses and scandals. Trump has always managed to grab the media’s attention after many of his business investments failed. Still, Trump moved forward and found other businesses to invest. He went into commercial real estate, where he […]

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15 Celebrities Who Went to Community College

Arnold Schwarzenegger-Santa Monica College

We know that success comes in all shapes and sizes. Famous billionaires were once college students who were unable to complete their degrees. There are actors who went to Ivy League schools to study the sciences or business. We’ve also seen famous athletes who found their luck when they played for their college. There are […]

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6 Top Female Models Who Went to Prestigious Colleges

Gigi Hadid Top Models Prestigious Colleges

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the most prestigious and most watched fashion show in the United States every year. With performers like Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy, and many more showing up to commence the runway show, Victoria’s Secret constantly draws the media’s attention every time. (watch video below) Also, the reality TV show America’s […]

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13 Celebrities Who Were College Nerds


Here are thirteen famous celebrities in film, TV, and music who aren’t just artistically talented. (but were college nerds too with amazing academic achievements) You’ll read about actors who graduated at prestigious universities known for their strict and high-level admittance standards, celebrities who took one to three degrees at different colleges, those who joined academic […]

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10 Extremely Rich College Dropouts


Never finished college? No worries, you can still be successful even if your family says you cant. Here’s a list of college dropouts that turned out to be very wealthy entrepreneurs and billionaires. (we have some dropout statistics for you too) Many Americans go to elementary school, high school, and college, but not everyone adheres […]

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5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Went to Harvard


Celebrities are usually seen as performers who are brilliant on their own right— a safe, non-discriminatory way to say that stars are “non-academic.” But who said Hollywood personalities and celebrities can’t make it to the A-list? or even go to Harvard? Everyone knows that Harvard University is the number one premier university in the US […]

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