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Nothing beats college experience better than school spirit. The most popular cheerleading film, “Bring It On” has spawned several sequels, four of which focus around high school cheerleading.

But what about college cheerleading?

Although it’s not covered by the media as much, it’s just as exciting as high school! Very successful high school cheerleaders can be offered a scholarship for college, especially those schools that constantly join cheer camps or competitions.

Many celebrities and famous personalities on TV were, in fact, were cheerleaders in high school and college. Even president Ronald Reagan was a cheerleaders in college.

Do you know the main reason that Kirsten Dunst was cast in “Bring It On” as head cheerleader?

Dunst was already into cheeer during her high school days at Notre Dame High School. Also Phyllis Smith from “The Office” used to be a NFL cheerleader. You also probably didn’t know that Madonna was a high school cheerleader back in the 1970s.

So if you’re a cheerleader or just curious enough to know about college cheerleading, here are the universities with the most competitive, popular, or noteworthy teams that country has ever seen!

Top Colleges For Cheerleading

University of Kentucky

The University of Kentucky has such amazing athletes and contagious team spirit. It’s not just the university’s men’s basketball team that has gained national fame.

The University of Kentucky cheerleading team has been the Universal Cheerleading Association’s National College Cheerleading Championship 21 times, and having won the title eight times in a row from 1995 to 2002.

The Wildcats have constantly been featured on TV, in programs like CBS Evening News, its CBS Morning Show, and magazines like Seventeen and ESPN, among others.

This year (2016), the university has won another championship title at the UCA finals. (see video below)

 University of Alabama

The University of Alabama actually has two teams under its cheerleading program: an all-girls team and a co-ed team.

The all-girls team cheers for women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, and home football games. The co-ed team, meanwhile, handles the men’s basketball and away games for football.

Their football team has won the national championships 15 times, and the Crimson Tide cheerleading team became the first to win both Division IA competition with both co-ed and all-girls teams in 2015.

In 2014, the all-girls team won 4th place, while the co-ed team won 2nd. The teams are constantly taking their routines to the next level.

University of Minnesota

Considering that the first cheer squad was born on the grounds of this school, the University of Minnesota has strived to constantly level-up their cheerleading team.

Most cheer teams are for the big games like basketball, football, and baseball, but the university’s Golden Gophers Spirit Squad also has a dance team and a hockey cheer team (not to mention small co-ed, all-girls, and large co-ed teams).

Yes, this hockey cheer team specializes in stunts and dance moves on ice!

The all-girls team has taken the 7th place in the nationals, and their dance team had just recently won the Pom division at the Cheerleading and Dance Team National Championship this 2016.

University of Louisville

The Louisville Cardinal cheerleading team is a cheer squad powerhouse. With three teams: large co-ed, all-girls, and small co-ed, all gaining national awards, the Cardinals are a team to beat, not just in football, but in school spirit as well.(watch video below)

The large co-ed cheer team won 15 cheerleading champions from the National Cheerleading Association, while their small co-ed team has won 7, and their all-girls team got 9 titles. In the 2016 NCA/NDA championships, the university won 3 titles on just the first day!

University of Central Florida

The UCF Knights has an astounding history of excellence, and because they’re so good, they have a lot of fans and put in close to a hundred event appearances in a year. Cheerleading members can get scholarships and grants that can be as high as $4,000 a year.

The team is consistently in the top 10 of national cheerleading competitions. This year, the UCF Knights became a runner-up for the third time in a row, placing second just behind giants like the Kentucky Wildcats and the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The team has won national titles in 2003 and 2007, and has been among the top 10 college teams more than twenty times during the past 23 years.

Last year, the Knights won the championship, and hope to achieve the same success in the following years.

University of Mississippi

This year, the Ole Miss Rebels won 4th at the UCA national competition for cheerleading, a huge step up from their 9th place last year. The Ole Miss team is full of energy, enthusiasm, and support from their school.

All cheerleading members each get a $2,000 scholarship money per year, plus those who also belong to the dance team get one college credit every year they participate.(video below)

Louisiana State University

The LSU Tigers team is so popular that the Nike store sells LSU apparel, because the school is part of the few universities in Nike’s Week Zero College Collection, which includes the Speed 4 AMP sneakers.

The cheer team doesn’t judge performance for games or cheer competitions. They also do their stunts in the Tiger Stadium (in front of over 100,000 people) in Death Valley, when they make an entrance with the marching band.

This year, they ranked 10th in the UCA championships. (video below)

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