7 Weirdest College Team Mascots

So you’ve seen some weird team mascots representing Colleges?

There’s a good chance you’ve never seen or heard of some of these strange Mascots. (some are gross & embarrassing)

Many successful people including sports stars and celebrities owe their success and memorable experiences to the colleges they attended.

Higher education doesn’t have to boring and so serious….. Mascots help ingrain that college experience and make going to college fun and entertaining.

Here are 7 of the strangest things adopted as college mascots.

7 Weirdest College Team Mascots

Speedy the Geoduck

Speedy the Geoduck mascot

It’s actually pronounced “gooey-duck” and is the mascot for Evergreen State College. It’s the most popular and unusual team mascot adopted by a US college. In fact, it’s been written about by the Time magazine.

Geoduck evergreen university

images courtesy: evergreen.edu

The Geoduck is a large, borrowing clam with a “neck” that can be 1 meter long, and can live up to several hundred years.

Santa Cruz Banana Slug Mascot

Santa Cruz Banana Slug mascot

image courtesy: theodysseyonline.com

If you thought the geoduck was strange, look out for University of California, Santa Cruz’s Banana Slug mascot. The banana slug has no shell, is brownish yellow, and whose slime inspired engineers to create a silicone containers to hold humidity and water for a greenhouse.

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The Banana Slug mascot was adopted during the time when college sports teams would ruthlessly compete with each other. As a rebellion to this fierce competition, the UC Santa Cruz students named their team after one of California’s most underrated forest creatures.

When the university applied to join the NCAA Division III, their chancellor changed the school team name to Sea Lions, to make it sound more dignified. Unfortunately, the students and staff didn’t like it, and in 1986, students persuaded the chancellor to return the Banana Slug to its rightful place as school mascot.

While the Time magazine writes that this is the worst team name for a university, Reader’s Digest and ESPN disagree, naming it one of the best team mascots in the country.

Artie the Artichoke Mascot

Artie the Artichoke Mascot

image source: cbsnews.com

In a study by the Smart Asset, a finance organization, the Scottsdale Community College ranked 4th among community colleges in the nation. The school has a small student to teacher ration of 17:1, and has affordable tuition fees.

While many of their programs are laudable, their choice of team mascot is questionable.

You might think it’s embarrassing to have this kind of mascot, but the truth is it was meant to be embarrassing.

During the 1970s, when the school was still new, there was a huge disagreement on budget priorities. The artichoke mascot was meant to express something negative, but eventually the school students and staff grew to love Artie and kept him around till this very day.

Long Beach Dirtbags Mascot

Mascot Long Beach Dirtbags

image by: pinterest.com

If you think there’s nothing worse than using slimy creatures as a mascot, you’re wrong.

The mascot of the California State University, Long Beach is formally and officially recognized as the “49ers” due to the school being founded in 1949.

Sometimes, the school refers to itself simply as the “Beach” because it’s the only college in the NCAA Division I with such a word on its name.

The monikers sound tame enough, if not a bit bland, but it in 1989, the school’s baseball team earned the nickname “Dirtbags” because of their gritty and fierce matches. It first referred to a team that was composed mostly of new players.

The team had a lot of disadvantages, had no home base, and was playing and practicing at dusty and dirty field. But they won their 18 games and went on to their first College World Series.

Because they were always dirty (dust, black eyes, injuries) after their practices and matches, they were called “Dirtbags”. It’s not something the school is ashamed of, however, as many speak the name with pride.

Jeremy Ward, famous pitcher, said that it was an honor to be called a “Dirtbag” because they were always “required to give 110% all of the time”.

The Dirtbag/49er mascot is usually a man with a large chin and a larger hat called Prospector Pete – which doesn’t even bear the university’s team name.

The Blue Blob Mascot

Mascot Blue Blob

image source: rantsports.com

While the other schools clearly have something in mind when they got their mascots and nicknames, Xavier University seemed to have missed the memo.

The school officially calls their teams “Musketeers”, but when their musketeer mascot started parading around the school, many children became afraid.

So, the administration decided to employ a strange blue blob to walk around school swallowing jackets and licking people with its red cloth tongue in 1985. The Blue Blob has large eyes, a white round nose, and looks like a long, furry pickle – or cucumber.

It was a cute move for kids, but the mascot really took hold when, in 2014, the Xavier University handed out t-shirts with the words “Roll Blob Roll” on it.

The Blob somersaults across the center and the audience cheers.

Scrotie the… Scrotum Mascot (wth?)

Scrotie the Scrotum Mascot

image courtesy: arolinahuddle.com

You would think that the Rhode Island School of Design, being the home of creatives and future professionals in the arts and design would come up with something a bit less crude.

It’s probably not so surprising considering the basketball team is “Balls” and the hockey team is “Nads”. Perhaps there is art in dressing down.

RISD is often considered one of the best arts colleges in the country, and no other group of students has the pleasure of watching visitor’s faces when they meet Scrotie for the first time.

Considering that it’s an art school, no one is really sure whether Scrotie is an official mascot or not, but students love the mascot and vow to keep it alive in years to come.

The Stanford Tree Mascot

Stanford Tree Mascot

image courtesy: deadspin.com

Not satisfied with winning academic competitions and being one of the top schools in the world, Stanford University students have managed to gain fame with their strange Stanford Tree.

You might have notice the pine tree over an “S” as the university’s logo. Although not an official mascot, the Tree’s species has changed over the years. It used to look like a pine tree with large eyes and lips. In 2015, the design became a weeping willow – with wide eyes and full, red lips.

The truth is, Stanford doesn’t have an official mascot. Their last was the Stanford Indian, but it was dropped in 1972 because of controversial issues.

In 1975, the university had a vote, and the Tree won – beating out a French fry and a manhole, so really, it could have been much worse.

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