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The step by step video courses offered by Virginia E-Learning Center presents a great help to professionals who may be faced with tough technical problems in their current work.

In a comprehensive manner, this will guide you through interface of software such as SAP2000, Autodesk Revit, Microsoft Excep and many more.

The good thing here is that even absolute beginners could be guided all the way up to an industry professional level.

They could be guided as well into the development of complex projects like performing a Spectral Modal Analysis for a structure of 20 stores height and above.

This would be of great help to engineers in developing countries where getting additional professional development may require them to leave or resign from their jobs to learn recent technologies or skills.

Another good feature of this learning mode is that each tutorial follows the development of a complete project, so the user can learn the complete workflow of the software and not simply unconnected tools one after the other.

What more? Beyond drawing and design software, Virginia E-Learning takes on complex subjects such as Civil and Structural Engineering. A unique feature is the offering of free Professional Online Consultancy to all its customers.

This brings a whole new advantage to those seeking to improve their skills in a particular software and be able to quickly apply it to their particular projects and industry needs.

Virginia E-Learning costumers totally trust this feature. From the design of anti-seismic steel structures. to foundations for deep excavations, the array of criteria and specifics that can arise in a given project are quite broad.

Whether you work with SAP2000 or Autodesk RSA

The particular criteria for each project, according to your own country and region, should always be applied by a skillful Civil or Structural Engineer who fully understand the ongoing process of designing and analyzing a structure.

Most companies don’t dare to address training solution for this kind of programs given their level of complexity, this makes Virginia E-Learning one of the best options for professionals looking for this kind of courses.

This may not come totally as a surprise knowing that Virginia E-Learning is an online training company with more than 10 years of experience working with professionals in the field of engineering, architecture and software development.

What would truly complete the picture would be the feedback of those who have taken one or more of various E-Learning courses offered.

There are expectedly so many interactions of the trainers and trainees of the different courses. These interactions being put into learning perspectives would truly improve even the presentation and flow of the given courses.

In turn, the expected knowledge and skills that can be acquired would also be greatly improved.

The other important aspect here would be on the prices of the courses offered. The lesser the prices, the better for the trainees especially those from developing countries where the dollar exchange rate for their currency is very high.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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