UniFirst Collaborates with SafetySkills Providing Free Online Safety Training Courses


On June 13 of this year, UniFirst in collaboration with SafetySkills had a massive online announcement about their 350 and more safety training courses accessible in a comprehensive online library that they have built.

Starting on their date of release, many individuals may take advantage of these online courses that are specifically designed to be both interactive and aligned to the target outcomes.

These efforts are also made in accordance to UniFirst and SafetySkills’ endeavor to meet health, safety, and workplace training requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Standard, human resource and that of other workplaces.

For better understanding, UniFirst is an industrial leader based in Wilmington, Massachusetts. UniFirst is a corporation renowned for the quality of its supplies and services of uniform, protective clothing, and workwear programs.

According to the website, the company holds 225 service locations and 275,000 customer locations with 12,000 employee in number. It is branded as the company who daily ‘outfits’ at least 1.6 million workers in the world today. Yet, the company’s services do not stop there.

It also works with the delivery of facility service programs, as well as provides first aid and safety products. More so, it manages other specialized garment programs for the industries in the field of cleanroom or nuclear matters.

In the said online course, UniFirst collaborates with SafetySkills– On the other hand, the latter is based on the United States, and accordingly, has been dedicated to training people on life-critical competencies for approximately twenty years.

The company is widely spread in eighteen countries and is taught in about eight languages having over 50 subjects. It also has created footing as a leader in high-end online training products internally made for environmental health & safety and human resources education and regulatory compliance.

Overall, the comprehensive online safety training system looks forward to training new employees with OSHA and other compliance training requirements. The said courses may also be helpful to existing employees and serve as refresher courses to help maintain company compliance especially because with the changing of the times comes the evolution of new risks in the workplace.

According to Adam Soreff, director of marketing and communications at UniFirst, keeping up-to-date and required records for safety training compliance is becoming difficult to manage.

With this notion, UniFirst’s collaboration with SafetySkills seeks to provide businesses and their employees with easy online access to relevant safety and compliance at a budget-friendly cost.

Enrollees of these online courses may directly go to UniFirst’s corporate website which is designed to accomplish employee training accessibility, keep track of the employees’ participation and completion of course tasks, while making sure to have a record of their trainings.

Content may also be adjusted and be tailored-fit dependent on the needs of the clients, so as to make sure that only the best safety courses and education are provided.

Rob Clark

SchoolCampus.org admin staff managing editor

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