UCF launching Online Master‘s Degree Program


Online courses are becoming the most sensational education today. In fact, many scholars are enjoying its phenomenal existence and the laid-back access it offers.

Along with this breakthrough, the University of Central Florida (UCF) is just so happy to announce that the respective school will be offering a fully online Master’s degree program under the Professional Sciences in Health Care Informatics.

The particular program will cater on various application of systems of engineering that will empower an effective and operative decision making among healthcare organizations.

Health Care Informatics Degree

This degree can be obtained in different courses accessible through the internet, from anytime at anywhere.

This program is set to develop and enhance leadership as well as decision-making skills among enrollees, to direct students in facilitation the organization’s information needs and also, to teach enrollees in using an evidence-based cum knowledge-management methods.

The program composes a 30-credit-hour and is proposed by the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

It is designed to see the essentials of those professionals interested in health care engineering and management.

During enrollment process, a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite for a proper admission, covering a minimum of 3.0 GPA among enrollees.

The degree includes systems theory, economics, statistics, risk management and analytics that each area focuses on the healthcare segment.

The program can be accomplished fully over two (2) years thru network-based teaching by the UFC mentors without ever requiring enrollees to come to school.

Because this is a degree obtained online, the students enrolled in 7 and ½ week of classes normally revel on their comfort of schedules.

Another exceptional characteristic of this program is that it is addressed globally, as there is no limited requirement for citizenship and residence among enrollees.

“Our health care systems are changing – globally, nationally, regionally and locally – and much of that change is happening without the support of systems engineers who understand the issues associated with massive systemic change involving a diversity of people and organizations. UCF has developed a first of its kind Master’s program, with no other university currently offering a similar program that is fully web-based,”

says Dr. Richard E. Biehl, Ph.D., CSQE, CSSBB.

Further, those who will be graduating under this program may work in any fields such as those of consultants, executives, forecasters and researchers.

There are several job openings that are proclaimed in some health centers and health insurance companies.

Rob Clark

SchoolCampus.org admin staff managing editor

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