Stanford University’s Free Online Course-Principles of Computing Class


Stanford University is offering an online class on the basics of Computer Science. It’s called the Principles of Computing, the class is designed for beginners without any experience or knowledge in connection with computer technology.

It is perfect for those who are looking for ways on how to get a basic understanding of computing technology.

The class will help students to understand the basic technical terms used in dealing with computers and computer technology.

It will also serve as an introduction to the main ideas on how codes work and how computers function in general.

Another important topic that will be discussed would be digital images and how they work, because they play an important role in how computers are used now.

Logic would also be touched upon and some basic ideas on the internet.

The course is completely free and entirely self-regulated.

Those who will be participating in the course are welcome to take as much time as they want or need in going through the course materials. The class will not be administered by an instructor.

The only downside of the class, if it can be considered as that, is the fact that there will be no credit or any kind of verification of participation that will be given to those who will sign up for it.

In other words, the course is simply meant as an avenue for those who want to learn more about computers.

Stanford University is one of the leading institutions for research and for teaching. Founded in 1891, Stanford University has been guiding its students to find solutions to the complex problems facing the world today.

The school and many of its graduates have helped in the development of computer technology and the internet.

The university has also been instrumental in the development of Silicon Valley. It has long been a pioneer in the field of science and technology. Many of its graduates have become leaders in the global tech industry.

With its history and background, Stanford University is really one of the best schools to offer a class on Computer Science that’s available for everyone on the internet.

An online school platform gives people the opportunity to learn about any subject that they want to know more about, through the convenience offered by the internet.

On the Principles of Computing class, students will have the opportunity to try their hand at working on short samples of computer codes.

They can play around with the codes so they can have a first- hand experience on using them and see how they can have an impact on the functions of a computer.

The only ability that would be required to participate in the class is knowing how to use a web browser.

Unlike other courses, there is no extra software that would have to be downloaded in order to join the Principles of Computing class. Everything would be done through the student’s browser.

This is perfect opportunity to get an insider’s knowledge on how codes and computers work.

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