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Good writing is one of the essential skills anyone in any field must have to land a good job. It is said that anyone who has good writing skills also tend to become organized, critical and creative thinkers. In fact, through proper training and development, an individual with a writing potential would eventually find writing more of a passion than an obligation.

More so, one does not need to be an English major to be a good writer. Through the years of advancement in technology, learning about writing is now at the tip of one’s fingers.

Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) is one of the universities to offer online writing courses to writing enthusiasts. The courses look forward to honing and producing individuals who are capable writers with a broad set of skills such as research, critical thinking and analysis which they can utilize in whatever field they may be in.

In SNHU, both undergraduate and graduate sectors on online writing courses have been specifically designed by experts. They are asynchronous in nature, which means to say that the classes are not conducted live. Hence, students may be able to just enter their classes at any day and any time of their convenience and preference weekly. This is also to give easy access to those enrollees who might be busy with their work, their family and their other tasks at hand.

SNHU utilizes tools for online instruction such as the software named Blackboard Learning Management System. This software provides easy tracking of enrollees regarding their participation and other activities in relation to their courses and lessons. Another feature of it is its ability to connect enrollees among their fellow students as well as their course teachers.

According to one of the online course’s students, the professors are open to accommodate questions of those who might be having difficulties. As a matter of fact, they make sure to tell students that they are available and can be reached in many ways including e-mail, phone, and social networks, among others. These altogether show the commitment of the instructors towards their desired success.

To further encourage others to enroll in the said course, SNHU elaborates on career opportunities that await others who have an edge in writing. For one, many companies in the field of business seek help from those who are knowledgeable in advertising and marketing copy, technical writing, speech writing, or straight product copy writing.

In other areas, an individual with skills on writing may either venture to become a poet, a novelist, a screenwriter, a playwright or even a journalist. Accordingly, SNHU has partners to help writers in the publishing world and learn more about potential opportunities for writing professionals.

More professional areas that require exemplary writing skills include law, marketing, finance, sales, journalism, government, high tech, and business management. Definitely, writing skills cannot be negotiated in all these areas because they require many presentations, write up’s, guides, newsletters, creative outputs, and technical briefs, among others.

According to SNHU’s website, the undergraduate programs on online writing courses cost around $960 per course or $320 per credit per hour inclusive of a degree certificate. Furthermore, the website states that SNHU is among the lowest in nation in terms of enrollment costs.

Discounts are given to active-duty service members and their spouses. That may sound costly but in a rough estimate made by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, writers and authors can earn as much $60,250 per year.

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