Sex Education? Here are Some Great Resources Online


Do you know when a child should start learning about sex? Experts still don’t know yet.

Sex education is a very controversial subject which touches sensitive matters.

Different cultures all over the world react to it differently. Hence, there’s no recognized commencement age for this kind of education yet.

In fact, there has been a lot of debate about it.

“Quality sex education should start in kindergarten. Early elementary school students need to learn the proper names for their body parts, the difference between good touch and bad touch, and ways in which they can be a good friend (the foundation for healthy intimate relationships later in life)” Debra Hauser, the president of Advocates for Youth, explains. “Young people have the right to lead healthy lives. Honest, sequential and comprehensive sex education is the foundation for helping them to become sexually healthy adults.”

Campaign Life Coalition, a pro-life organization based in Toronto, on the other hand, has a different take on sex education.

On September of last year, the organization conducted a city-wide protest and went to the streets to voice out their protest against introducing the concept of sexuality at a young age.

The Health Risks of Sex at Any Age

Whether or not you agree with introducing sex education to elementary students or to any grade level for that matter, one thing’s certain: sex at an early age can lead to diseases, such as HIV, AIDS, unplanned pregnancies, etc.

This gives more value to information about sex; which is not necessarily sex education per se.

The internet is actually a good source of such information. It’s filled with essential pointers on the importance of safe sex that students can search, but are not mandated to read or hear about it.

It’s fair to both parties–those who believe sex education is of great value and to those who think otherwise. If you’re a parent, you can choose to visit them or not.

Great Resources About Safe Sex for Minors

Scarleteen is currently the most visited sex ed website. It’s depth in providing information about sex and health is much to be admired.

There are plenty of articles to choose from. It’s been up for 10 years already and countless teens have had their questions answered here.

Planned Parenthood (Teen Talk)

Planned Parenthood has a lot of useful information that can help kids think twice before having sex, practice safe sex and a lot more.

It’s not only a website that helps teens by them giving articles and updates to read.

It’s actually a foundation all across America that promotes reproductive health and address sexual issues in minors.

It’s Your Sex Life

MTV, the word’s most famous music TV channel has long been maintaining a website called “It’s Your Sex Life”.

It’s basically MTV’s way of helping the cause of promoting sexual health in teens.

Kids can visit and learn how to perform safe sex and other valuable information through this highly interactive website! The content is straightforward and fun.

Visitors of their web page can also get the opportunity to converse with someone through their “chat now” button, which is valuable to those who are deeply troubled.

Visitors can also be directed to the nearest STD testing center with the website if they feel that they have caught an STD.

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