Purdue University Offers New Online Sales Course


Jordan Belfort of Wolf of Wall Street once said, “Kill them with success and bury them with a smile!” Now, if you plan to be the wolf in your own workplace, you may be a step closer to such. Purdue University’s Center for Food and Agricultural Business now offers the newest online course that is driven to changing ordinary salesman into extraordinary sales managers and advanced salespeople.

The business course is named The Value of Evidence-Based Sales Decisions’. It follows and interactive online format that allows anyone to access the course just about at any time and any day of their convenience and preference.

The course runs in three hours to be completed and all-in-all, gives learners and sales enthusiasts the ability to access and practice real-life sales events using the different sales techniques and tools.

Enrollees will have equal opportunities to understand what works within sales territories; at the same time, they will be able to maximize their organization, leadership and coaching skills which they may use among their peers and even in their own business one day.

Scott Downey, Purdue University’s very own associate professor of agricultural economics and associate director states, “The business world is changing, so sales professionals need to properly use data to make decisions. Accordingly, he believes that data when used effectively enables anyone to create knowledge and generate insights that will ultimately enable one’s chance to gain long-term success.

At the end of the course, they look forward to participants who can already effectively utilize data to drive better sales and come up with better marketing decisions.

Not much is required from anyone interested in this online course, only that enrollees should have access to at least five customer’s account information within a territory. This is needed because the digital education course will make the learners scrutinize and analyze extensively the data they currently have access to in a number of new ways.

Because of such, the course is driven to helping the learners use that exact data to support analysis and draw new insights— all of which will total to improved sales and on a higher note, profitability.

Downey further adds that their online course looks forward to making the best out of every sales professional by giving them the tools they need to be successful but in such a manner that is not too difficult and easily comprehensible even to beginners.

Interested learners will also benefit in gaining knowledge on identifying the potential impacts of using readily available data, on giving value on the profitability rather than going for the sales volume, and lastly, on understanding the sales-equation drivers that has an influence and a huge factor on profitability.

Their website says that the enrollment in the course costs $350 per participant. With this cost, they will be able to utilize a customer profitability-analysis tool while being able to use the tool to generate a heat map on their customer accounts.

Rob Clark

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