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Landing a spot in the corporate world is already hard enough for someone who’s used to facing computers, doing paperwork, and all that enchilada.

So imagine how the difficulty level exponentially increases for someone whose office has been the battlefield since time immemorial!

If you’re one of the latter, don’t lose hope. Thanks to modern technology – you can now immerse in a corporate boot-camp straight from the comfort of home.

Online courses for entry-level education are now available.

Based on a news release by Georgia Tech Professional Education, veterans may now take advantage of these online courses to jump-start their fresh corporate page.

Short for Veterans Education Training and Transition 101, VET2 helps boost the corporate employability of veterans.

Created by Georgia Tech in association with Georgia Department of Economic Development, the program was designed to help around 7,000 veterans in Fort Benning and Fort Stewart.

Applicants of the program will focus on learning how to write their resume and win an interview without spending a single dime.

The best part about it is that the program partners with potential employers in the conduct of classroom-based teaching, as well as online.

Career Benefits of the VET2 Program

Veterans have a significantly better shot at landing a job after accomplishing the course. It’s open to all members of the war veteran community–active, transitioning, and those that have just newly separated from service.

Thousands of veterans have already experienced the career benefits of the VET2 program.

Even those who’ve been in service for more than 20 years and have never experienced making a resume, let alone apply for a job can attest to the tremendous help the program has been for them.

For ordinary civilians who have grown accustomed to the ways of the corporate world, creating a resume may seem like second nature.

For most war veterans, switching from guns to computers can turn out to be a tougher battle. The VET2 program has really been a blessing for men and women who are looking to fit into corporate America.

Considering that there’s been a steep rise in the release of soldiers across America, the more beneficial this program becomes to Americans.

Most of the principles taught in VET 2 is based on a book written by Lt. Col. John W. Philips entitled “Boots to Loafers, Finding Your True North”.

It’s also a required read for those who are going through the online course. Phillips works closely with Georgia Tech to ensure the effectiveness of the program. This further ensures veterans that their time will not be wasted.

Every veteran has the right to live beyond the battlefield. There’s another battle out there that they can still conquer with a tad of hard work and open-mindedness – a battle that will not only win them lives but a sustainable source of living.

VET2 gives hope to veterans who believe they deserve a good life, and who still thirst for knowledge beyond the field. VET2 inspires continuous growth. Because after all, these veterans are the bravest among us. What can they not do?

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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