Knight Center and Society for News Design Offer Free Online Course


The Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas and the Society for News Design (SND) recently announced their free five-week massive online open course named Introduction to News Design.” It is going to run from June 27 until July 31 of this year.

It is said that the formula to making good news is not only its content but how news is designed to be credible and worthy of anyone’s time. With that, even though news is all around, news writers as well as journalists still have to invest several hours of work to ensure that the news is meaty and catchy.

Yet, another major challenge the world faces today is in the platform of multimedia. Designers are also tasked to work with multiple platforms, varying from traditional to other emerging tools that can be used for multimedia designs.

This online open course, consequently, seeks to help individuals learn the fundamentals of news design.The website encourages participation and enrollment from anyone interested may it be on the principles of graphic design, visual storytelling, or any related activities.

According to Sara Quinn,the president of SND and one of the instructors, the mentioned course looks forward to aid journalists in understanding how good design helps people make more sense of the world around. Aside from being one of the highest ranking officials in SND and being a professor, Quinn has previously taught and led research at the Poynter Institute.

Quinn has experienced nearly 20 years in newspaper newsrooms. Quinn will work hand-in-hand with David Kordalski, former president of SND and currently the creative director for Crain’s Cleveland Business. Quinn and Kordalski will coordinate with Knight Center’s distance learning platform,

The website explains that the tasked instructors will make use of a variety of video-lectures, reading materials, discussion forums and quizzes. Participants are also bound to further explore areas on: news design across platforms: print, digital and mobile; basics of typography, color and grid for publication design; developing a strategy for type, color and grid that supports a cohesive brand; how photographs and illustrations are perceived by audiences; and best practices for using varied story forms to engage readers.

In the opinion of Rosental Alves, founder and director of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas at the University of Texas at Austin, “Knowledge about news design is becoming more and more important these days as we move from traditional media to a multiplicity of screens and ways to present the news.”

It is worthy to take note that the online open course’s classes are asynchronous, which means that though they are going to be run online, there will be no conducts of live classes. With this, students can still openly and freely choose specific times and days according to their preference. However, they have to make sure that they can meet weekly deadlines for submission of assignments, or have participation on the discussion forums for each module.

Although the online open course is entirely free, enrollees who seek to receive a certificate of completion is required to pay $30 for administrative fees. Enrollees can only be issued to students who have completed fully the requirements of the course and have actively participated in class discussions and forums. The certificate has a citation from the Knight Center; but, there is no association or any kind of formal course credit.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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