New Bowhunter Online Education Course (2016)


There is a wide range of courses to take up online such as in writing, shark biodiversity, safety training, or classical music; but recently, the Bowhunter Education announces its offering of a certification course through the Hawaii Hunter Education Program.

This online course is also in collaboration with the Department of Land and Natural Resources Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement.

The bowhunter online education course is expected to begin by July 1 of this year.

In its website, Bowhunter Education states that it has been working with the National Bowhunter Education Foundation at the same time International Hunter Education Association as well as many state agencies responsible for bowhunter education.

Through years of working in their field, they have successfully developed materials and eventually bowhunter education safety courses that essentially seek to make students become aware of the responsible and cautious handling of archery equipment, as well as the regulations and laws that come with the knowledge of handling it.

At present, the Hawaii Hunter Education Program already offers a three-day face-to-face bowhunter education course that is completed with a field performance.

Students have been having classes in Hawai‘i Island, Maui and O‘ahu in the duration of the conduct of the program.

The in-person course continues to be available but those who do not wish to go to field may choose to be educated online and instead, take up the bowhunter online education course.

The website makes it clear that the said online course has been duly approved by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation.

One’s certification on this bowhunter education may enable him to meet the requirements necessary in purchasing a bowhunter license.

This is in relation to the notion that many states in the US require hunters to show a valid certification of bowhunter education upon purchase of a bowhunting license.

Few of the things one who might be interested in this online course must take note of is that the cost for this online course is $30.

This administrative fee is assessed directly from immediately after completion of the online course.

In addition, the website stresses that students below ten years old cannot be trained for this course. Moreover, this online course is limited to Hawai‘i residents only.

The online course also includes chapter quizzes and a final exam to assess students’ understanding at the end of the course.

After fulfilling all requirements, passing, and being able to pay for the course, one can already request a printing of a temporary Bowhunter Education Certificate.

This certificate is already considered valid upon purchase of a bowhunting license in areas where it is required. Students must take note however of its expiration date.

In three to four weeks, students’ temporary certificates may then be replaced with a permanent Hawaii Bowhunter Education Certificate from the Hawaii Hunter Education Program itself.

Otherwise, if an enrollee completes the online Bowhunter Education course but does not meet the requirements above, he will unfortunately not be issued a Bowhunter Education certificate from the Hawaii Hunter Education Program.

Again, the said online course points out that bowhunting is truly a safe activity.

Because more people engage in learning about bowhunting safety education, it has significantly decreased hunting-related injury rates, while at the same time increasing the recorded number of species in the game.

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