Basic First Aid and CPR Training Online Courses


Wherever one may go—may it be in workplace, at school or simply at home, knowledge of basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) are crucial to be able to provide help during emergency situations, to administer the right methods necessary during the situation and to benefit other people as much as themselves.

The American Heart Association reports that in the United States alone, less than one-third of the people who seek help during experiences of cardiac arrest whether at home, at work or in any public locations are to no avail.

Although many people are willing to help, the problem lies on the notion that not all are confident enough to use their skills, even if equipped with the knowledge to help.

While all the more, there is a greater population of those who truly lack training and are simply afraid to get involved in the life-and-death situation.

Reportedly, the injuries that most commonly occur among workplaces include accidental slipping and falling, accidents on transportation or movements, high risk and exposure to hazardous chemical and emergencies pertaining to their health.

Additionally, in an annual basis, more than four million workers in the United States suffer a non-fatal injury.

With the collaboration of and ProTrainings, a Basic First Aid and CPR Training online course has been added to the list of online courses readily available at Cudoo, not to mention those in the field of languages and other development skills among professionals.

To learn more about, it is an online platform that offers more than 250 courses that are accessible to all people who have internet access.

Lessons are designed to be asynchronous which means anyone can access it any time and day of his convenience or preference. reinvents learning in a more personal, responsive, short and concise way of dealing with knowledge through the utilization of rapid e-learning development (RED) techniques.

Microlearning videos as well as apps are used by to supplement the resources available.

Today, it continues on its very own mission of providing quality education to save lives. On the other hand, works together with ProTraining, an online knowledge provider established 13 years ago.

It claims to be the first developer of Internet-based CPR training programs.

It is equipped with activities and tools that challenge and train the skills of students that they may especially make use of during emergencies.

With these real-life training, ProTraining assures to break the chains of inhibition among the students so they may perform and use their skills especially in situations that call for their actions.

According to Sue Brett, the CEO of, online courses is a great idea especially to accommodate those wish to learn but are busy with their family, work and other prior commitments.

With their partnership with ProTraining, they are no longer going to have problems with regards to the certifications of the students.

It is worthy to take note of that as of today, over a million students have been trained and have been certified in Basic First Aid and CPR through online courses.

With all these partnerships and resources, they are confident that they can help everyone attain the skills necessary to save lives, and hopefully, to make a difference.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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