Hilarious College Reactions To Pokemon Go


Millenials, baby boomers, Generation XY, EVERYONE is into the Pokemon Go craze!

The well-loved Japanese cartoon series in the early 2000s returns as an augmented reality smartphone gaming application developed by John Hanke & Satoshi Tajiri.

This game is not just nostalgic to most of us in the millennial sphere but is both loved and hated by colleges, universities, and institutions.

Some agree that Pokemon Go may improve childrens health and wellness as well social interactivity since they go for walks and interact with people and even go with groups while playing. While some question the safety of their children due to recent reports of car accidents incurred involving the very popular game.

How did some US schools and colleges react to the Pokemon fad? What if the school library becomes a Pokemon Gym? We can expect the outrageous and the hilarious.

Let us look into some of the funniest Pokemon Go reactions from schools and colleges across the country.

University Twitter Accounts Hop on Pokemon Go Craze

The Pokemon Go craze is just inescapable. When the game launched two months ago, social media managers of colleges and universities became keen in banking on the new smartphone game craze.

It has been a fun and really witty way for some US universities and colleges to present their campuses. It is undeniably hilarious to stumble upon a pidgey in the principals office.

Funny Pokemon Go University Tweets 






University Idaho Includes Pokemon Go in Curriculum


Photo courtesy of: insider.foxnews.com

While some schools are against Pokemon Go, the University of Idaho is going the other way around. University of Idahos Department of Movement Science is integrating the popular game in its program.

According to one of the departments instructors, they see Pokemon Go as a great opportunity to teach students about going into an active lifestyle, teamwork, leadership by exploring and going for an adventurous and challenging quest to get know their community and culture.

It is also a very great way for children who are always stuck at home facing their computer screens the whole day to go out and interact with other children who can be their teammates.

Pokemon Go Becomes Threat to Teachers!

The Pokemon Go craze recently driven teachers and schools literally crazy. School administrators are taking measure on in classroom use of smartphones and other devices since students always make a way to sneak their smartphones to level up their Ratattas and Pidgeys.

The augmented reality game is becoming somewhat of a threatto teachers and administrators because students get distracted in class. They just cannot get their hands off the pokeberry button!

Here is one professor from the Texas State Technical College who created a poster to WARN her students hunting down Pokemon during her class. She is absolutely out to catch em all!


photo courtesy of: toylabs.us

Sounds threatening, huh? Well actually, the poster is just sort of a joke(which is truly frightening to serious players) between her and her students.

According to the instructor, faculty and administration staff should take a more serious and strict measure of the game inside classroom discussions and during school activities to prevent them from being distracted.

University Wisconsin at Madison Alarmed With Unusual Activity on Campus Traffic & Library

The University of Wisconsin at Madison was able to receive a call notifying that a group of cyclists on the campus all had their eyes buried in their devices instead on the road. These group of people causing an unusual traffic activity were weaving in and out of the road.

The caller pointed out a possible explanation to the unusual activity; that these group of cyclists were playing Pokémon Go.

Since the game’s launch, officials at colleges and universities all over US have witnessed students, even employees’ reception and adoption to the augmented reality game which can be easily downloaded onto their smartphones for free.



images courtesy of chronicle.com

Students and people who appear to be aimlessly wandering and going around are actually onto hunting down pokemons and getting around “Poké Stops,” where they get and reload supplies that are essential for the game like poke balls and potions.

There are also “Lure Grounds” or sites where Pokemons easily appear within their campuses. Unfortunately, some sensitive and crucial places on campus such as main offices and even libraries were turned into Poké Stops and Lure Grounds.

Attention Pokémon Go in-campus players: University of Central Florida Police Department at Your Service

ucf police-pokemon-go-tweet

image source: chronicle.com

Campus police departments are indeed one of the most reliable when talking about safety. But which campus police department can top University of Central Floridas?

The gents of UCF went an extra mile on their roles as protectors of the welfare of students that they went far as to advertise that their shuttle services were available to students who were playing Pokémon Go within the campus late at night. This sort of public service announcement was posted through their Twitter account.

Assistant director and public information officer for the Central Florida campus police Courtney Gilmartin, said that the Pokémon Go buzz had reached her radar and since then “exploded”, following the first week of its launch.

Gilmartin added that half of the community was all over the place tweeting about the game.

Students have reportedly been seen wandering the campus and trying to catch Pokémon even late at night and that caused her great concern. She even talked to a student who played the game until three in the morning.

Players of this very popular game are not even limited to students; even employees, officials and administrators have tried it out which means no one is exempted to the Pokémon Go fever.

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