5 Mysterious Murders That Happened on College Campus


College is meant to be a safe place where students can have fun, get a good education, and grow up to become more mature and better adults, but sometimes, tragedy can strike in the most unlikely places.

Everyone needs to be careful wherever they are, but Halloween brings out an eerie and dark feeling in the air.

Here are 5 cases of murder (and disappearances that are suspected to be murders) that remain unsolved to this day.

They were done on campus grounds, involving college students who probably never saw it coming.

These horrible events are a reminder that sometimes we can never tell what happens on an otherwise good day, and that these victims still haven’t attained justice.

Betsy Aardsma


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Betsy Aardsma was a 22 year old student at Pennsylvania State University.

She went to the library to do some research for her paper, but she never made it out from behind the shelves.

Someone had stabbed her in the chest.

And no one would have noticed had a man not alerted the library clerk about a wounded girl – but get this, the man disappeared after giving this information.

Betsy’s murder was never solved, although the professor she dated was largely suspected, but he was never seen at the scene of the crime.

One thing that made Betsy’s murder difficult to solve is that no one knew who could do it to Betsy – who had the motive?

According to classmates and close relatives, Betsy had no enemies.

The police continued to investigate the case for 40 years, but to this day, the mystery is still unsolved, and some say her ghost haunts the Pattee Library of Pennsylvania State.

Suzanne Jovin


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This murder mystery happened at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country: Yale University.

A young woman, Suzanne Jovin, was murdered on December 4, 1998.

It was one of the creepiest murders – Suzanne was stabbed 17 times and her throat was slashed.

She was found shortly after she had gone to the Yale police office to return the keys to a car she borrowed.

And before that, Suzanne had emailed a friend of hers about giving her books that she was going to retrieve from someone.

Of course, this “someone” was suspected, but since no one knew who this was, and whether Suzanne had met with this “someone”, the spotlight turned to another person on the college’s campus.

The suspect identified was also a professor who was rumored to be having an affair with Suzanne, but it was never proven.

Till now, no one knows who killed her.

Kristin Denise Smart


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Kristin attended California Polytechnic State University, and disappeared in 1996.

Kristin had been to a birthday party at a dorm on her campus, and she was initially found drunk and passed out on a lawn.

Three friends helped her get back to her dorm, but according to the last person to see her, Paul Flores, he allowed her to walk herself back to her dorm when he got to his residence hall.

The next morning, Kristin was nowhere to be found.

All her belongings – clothes and money – were still in her room.

When police were finally convinced that she didn’t simply go on an unannounced vacation, rumors began that Kristin was taken out by a suspect in a murder case happening at this time.

Kristin was never found, and she became legally presumed dead in 2002.

But just September of this year, the police revealed that they had a lead on the case, and began investigating around Kristin’s dorm.

There have been buried remains identified near the scene of Kristin’s disappearance, but the analysis is still ongoing.

The slow police response to Kristin’s disappearance resulted in the Kristin Smart Campus Security Act that requires all public college security services to report missing students to the authorities promptly.

Joshua Guimond


image source nbcnews.com

Joshua Guimond, a 20 year old student at St. John’s University, went missing after a party at a dorm.

Although his body was never found, it was highly suspected that he was murdered.

After the party on November 2, Joshua’s friends assumed that he went home immediately.

When he never showed up at his apartment, authorities were called, and he was reported missing – all his things were still in his apartment, and Joshua was not dressed properly for the cold weather.

What made Joshua’s disappearance suspect was that he disappeared during the time that 3 other college students in the area had also disappeared after leaving a party.

The bodies of these 3 students were eventually found and a murderer was convicted.

Although there were no strong clues to connect Joshua’s disappearance and the murder of the 3 students, it was noted that the other two male victims looked a lot like Joshua.

Arlis Perry


It wasn’t just Yale University that witnessed a shocking crime.

Stanford University student Arlis Perry was just 19 years old (a first year student at her new college) when she was brutally murdered in 1974.

She was found under the pews of Stanford Memorial Church, where she had been praying the night before after a heated argument with her husband.

Like Suzanne Jovin, Arlis’ murder was hair-raising.

She had been stabbed in the head with an ice pick, was choked, beaten, and sexually assaulted with altar candles.

The crime scene practically screamed anger and hate.

There were no clues pointing to her husband being at the scene of the crime, but there was a man identified as having had an argument with Arlis the day before her murder.

Arils had worked at a law firm, where she had a fight with a man.

Unfortunately, no one knew who this man was.

This is where the case turned to the occult: Rumors spread that Arlis was killed by a satanic cult.

An incarcerated criminal also sent letters claiming that he had something to do with Arlis’ death, but no clues had been found to support these rumors.

But with no other clues, police were stumped, and the investigation went nowhere.

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