West Catholic High School Student Dies in Orlando Shooting Week After Graduating

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Akyra Murray was a basketball star at West Catholic High School in Philadelphia, she scored a career high of 1,000 points during her years playing at the catholic school.

As Murray overcomes the odds to fulfill her dream of a college scholarship, Murray graduated and was set at Mercyhurst College in the fall after signing a letter of intent on May 9.

The school confirmed that the family of Murray and the community she live in is in mourning as Murray was among the victims of the Orlando shooting at the Pulse nightclub after a week she graduated high school.

On Monday, the official website of West Catholic High School made a post that their  hearts were broken, together they will mourn for the loss of Akyra and provide sympathy to one another to honor the memory of such a wonderful person.

When Murray graduated at West Catholic High School last week, she was ranked third in her class.

Murray and her parents along with her 4 year old sister, went on a family vacation to celebrate Murray’s graduation and see her brother, who studied at West Palm Beach City in Florida as a college student.

Akyra and her cousins decided to have a night out and they went downtown, and Akyra’s mother dropped them off at 11:30 p.m. At 2 a.m., the mother  of Akyra received a text message, asking her to pick them up at the venue for the reason that there had been a shooting.

Natalie Murray stated the time Akyra called her, Akyra said she was shot and Akyra kept on screaming.

Akyra said she lost a lot of blood. Natalie then told Akyra to remain calm and apply pressure to the wound, but, all Natalie could hear was Akyra screaming.

After Akyra was shot in the arm, she hid in a bathroom stall for hours. Akyra then asked her mother to call the cops as her family move with haste to the area of the nightclub.

However, the fresh graduate’s family couldn’t find Akyra in the place of the incident, they spent 27 hours searching for her in Orlando-area hospitals before they were notified on Monday that she had been killed.

Albert Murray (Akyra’s father) stated that her daughter was kind and helpful. Albert also said that Akyra like to help everybody.

Jim Gallagher, West Catholic High School principal, said in a statement that Murray carried herself with “great character and dignity.”

Gallagher also said that Akyra was a standout athlete in the school, yet, Akyra chose to treat all members of the school community in the same way.

Napoleon Kingcade, who runs the summer league Akyra played in, expressed his sympathy by saying that the young girl had everything going for her.

There is nothing you can ask better from a high school kid like Akyra Murray, added Kingcade.

Murray was at the club with Patience Carter, who is a student at New York University. There were no details yet with the third person whom Akyra was with during their night out in Orlando.

The gunman was identified as the 29-year-old Omar Mateen, he was killed in the early Sunday during a gun battle with SWAT officers. Reportedly, 49 people were killed during the Orlando shootout.

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