Harmony Schools of Houston Expanding Services to West Houston

Harmony Schools of Houston

Starting this fall, Harmony Schools of Houston is geared up to add on to its Katy (West Houston) campus to accommodate the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) needs of a rapidly increasing Katy (City in Texas) population.

Harmony Public Schools are considered as K-12 college preparatory charter schools with the center of interest in math, science, engineering, and computer technologies.

The students from underserved communities are provided by Harmony Public Schools the chance to excel in education in a smaller classroom environment.

The Harmony Public Schools, which is a non-profit organization, was established by a group of teachers and university academicians who were passionate about how young students deal with math and science.

During the early stages of the Harmony Public Schools

When the Katy campus launched in 2011, Jasmeen Kohli, Harmony Science Academy–West Houston Principal, said in a statement that the initial detailed proposal was for the program to serve K-8 as an alternative to the current K-12.

Kohli said that there was no plan to have a high school in the area. However, when they contemplated into the needs at the end of the first year, the parents have a strong feeling of wanting to have the campus to go into high school, and that encouraged them to make the current  K-12 building.

Kohli said two years ago, that the public schools’ demand in the area increased, then the plan of adding a second building was facilitated, and planning subsequently started the following year.

Small changes came up . . .

Harmony Science Academy – the current facility of West Houston (serving K-12 grades) will now cater up to the 5th grade, with an estimated enrollment of students will reach approximately 700.

The new building of Harmony will be named as the Harmony School of Innovation – Katy, that will now serve 6th grade to 12th grade.

Kohli made it known that about 500 students are expected to be enrolled in the building for this coming year, with more sets of students slated to enroll as additional grade level students flood into the place.

The current building accommodates more or less 900 students, from that number, capacity is expected to increase to near 1,200 students due to the  process of adding a second building.

“The purpose of the new building was meant to serve the growing number of students,” Kohli said. “With that, the current campus became smaller and the demand boosted up.”

Kohli added that with the current public high schools in Katy City, the focus of learning is so much on STEM that they had the need to open a new building.

As the Harmony Science Academy, West Houston, is already having the designation of being a STEM academy, because of its distinction of being both a middle school and high school.

The Harmony School of Innovation in Katy City will automatically be indicated as a STEM academy.

“Katy City is rich in oil and gas for all the engineers, so the parents are the ones who want us to expand this school,” Kohli said.

Construction of the building should be complete within the next couple of months, and the campus is slated to open by the time classes start in the fall of 2016.

Rob Clark

SchoolCampus.org admin staff managing editor

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