Michelle Obama Leads on Global Women’s Education


The U.S. first lady, known as one of today’s icon of women empowerment, takes on an initiative to further the campaign on women’s education by visiting Spain and Africa this week.

Michelle Obama urges young women to join her global girls’ education program in order to gradually eliminate illiteracy, abuse, and terrorism.

“Girls should be valued for their minds and not their bodies…”

Mrs. Obama said during her visit in Mardid, appealing to hundreds of girls and young women to start valuing and involving themselves in education initiatives, not only to benefit themselves but also as a way of humanitarian response.

The first lady sees education among women as a tool for change.

It can be recalled that Mrs. Obama has an initiative in Liberia promoting girls’ education called, “Let Girls Learn.” The first lady is now bringing it to nations such as Spain and Africa.

She kicked off her three-nation tour in Spain Wednesday.

This project was launched last year to address the road blocks for more than 62 million out of school girls around the world to get quality education.

Mrs. Obama stated that, the lack of resources is inconclusive of the inability to provide education to these countries.

In order to address the said global crisis, Mrs. Obama said it is important that we acknowledge and realize that there are many other root causes and among them is the cultural and social regard on women.

Moreover, it is not just about countries building enough schools and having enough money to pay for school fees and other requirements; it’s about whether families and communities think girls and women deserve an education.

After all, women’s emancipation and right to education is still not realized in many societies.

The issue of girls having lack or no access to education has been an issue that has gotten personal to the first lady.

Her travels around the world as First Lady of the United States prompted her to set an eye in addressing these concerns. She have met girls that are so smart and hardworking, yearning for education.

She have met girls who travel long and dangerously each day just to get to school and also those who study in small, concrete classrooms.

She said that these girls have ambition and are determined enough to rise albeit the circumstance and challenges presented to them, and she can see herself and relate among them.

The U.S. first lady told the people in Madrid that they are so fortunate enough to live in a country full of opportunities.

Mrs. Obama posed a challenge to the people to use their abilities and potentials to the fullest to help challenge the cultural issue of male chauvinism while empowering women.

She knew that through the collaborative efforts of nations, governments and other sectors, all girls can go to school and that culture can be changed.

Rob Clark

SchoolCampus.org admin staff managing editor

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