Donald Trump’s Complete Education Background Revealed


Even before he ran for president, Donald Trump has graced TV screens, tabloids, newspapers, and magazines due to his luxury businesses and scandals.

Trump has always managed to grab the media’s attention after many of his business investments failed.

Still, Trump moved forward and found other businesses to invest.

He went into commercial real estate, where he was able to rebuild an old hotel building and reopened it, drawing visitors and investors.

He has had many brushes with failure and bankruptcy, but Trump was stubborn, and he persevered and always pushed forward.

Donald even thought about running for president for the 2000 elections. Nothing came out of it, but he did begin appearing in the hit reality TV series, “The Apprentice”.

Come to think of it, how much is Trump’s net worth now after all these years of ups and downs in his business?


Donald Trumps Networth – Image source:

As you can see from the image above from Donald Trumps claims his net worth is in excess of $10 billion dollars.


Donald Trump real net worth – image source:

The truth is, according to Bloomberg’s billionaire index, Trumps networth is not as much as he’d like us all to think it is. Far from the claimed $10 billion. The real number is more like 3.5 to $4 billion.

He’s still a baller by all accounts maybe with a twist of narcissism. What do you think?

Anyway, In 2012 Trump again announced that he would run for president. He started making political statements, and appeared in the news.

Now he is obviously the Republican Party’s presidential candidate for the 2016 elections.

His words and actions have drawn backlash from many people around the world, but what do you really know about Trump?

Considering that election day is near, it’s pretty helpful to learn some things about one of the presidential candidates.

You already know about Hillary Clinton’s education background. Now, it’s Donald Trump’s turn.

Education Background of Donald Trump


picture of Donald Trump from Twitter

Elementary School Detention Named After Trump (bad boy)

Donald Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York. He was born to a father who was already in the business industry.

His father, Frederick Trump, had several businesses as a builder and real estate developer.

It’s a well-known fact that Donald Trump is rich, and that he grew up in a relatively middle-class family (or you could argue that it was upper class).

As a young child, he studied at the Key-Forest School in Forest Hills, Queens until the 7th grade. He kept getting himself into a lot of trouble.

In fact, one of his former classmates recalled how they named their detentions “DT” after Donald Trump, considering he always got one.

But his parents had enough of his behavior.


Picture of Donald Trump in grade school hes the kid 2nd from the left- image source:

Because Donald Trump was considered hyperactive, assertive, and so mischievous, his parents decided to send him to the New York Military Academy when he was just 13 years old, right after he finished 7th grade at Key-Forest.

Just yesterday, in an event hosted by the Retired American Warriors PAC, Trump said that many military veterans were not strong enough to handle and overcome stress.

Of course, his comments garnered some backlash. Maybe Trump forgot his own experiences at the Military Academy.

Trump Became Captain at the New York Military Academy

The New York Military Academy was a private boarding school in Cornwall-on-Hudson. It is one of the oldest military schools in the country, as it was founded in 1889.

It started as an all-boys’ school, but then became co-educational in 1975 (sixteen years after Trump first entered the academy).

Unfortunately, due to low enrollment, the academy has been closed and reopened several times and was recently bought by Chinese investors at an auction, and had re-opened last November.

The school was well-known for its quality education and rigid discipline.

But how did Donald Trump fare at the academy?


Donald Trump in military school he’s second from the left – image source:

Trump was a tall, blond, good-looking boy. But during the first few months at the military academy, he didn’t fit in.

He didn’t like taking orders from anyone, and he didn’t know how to do chores or take care of himself.

But in a place of discipline and strict rules, Trump learned how to get to the top. When he was 17 years old, he was promoted to captain at his military school.

There, he showed extreme discipline, which he wanted to see in his own officers.

He ordered them to keep their uniforms and rooms clean. But then just a month into his new position, Captain Trump was replaced by someone else.

Donald Switched Out to Administrative Duties (but why?)

He was switched out with Bill Specht, who was told by an administrator about a hazing incident in Trump’s old group.

Trump was given administration duties instead, and had been quoted, saying that he was promoted because of his good performance.

“I had total control over the cadets,” he said in a recent interview. “That’s why I got a promotion — because I did so good.”

Of course, other people disagreed. In fact, the events surrounding Trump’s final months at the academy have been largely contested.

Trump has used his experience as a way to show his supporters his capacity to be commander-in-chief, and that he had received a better experience and education about leadership in the military school than someone who joined the actual military.

The New York Military Academy was very strict and students were not allowed off campus during weekdays, and weekend activities were regulated and monitored, but somehow Trump was able to bring women during the weekends.

But during his first few months at the academy, his mentor, Theodore Dobias, a World War II veteran, said that Trump was relatively humble and didn’t often brag.

According to fellow cadets, he was also soft-spoken, except that he still had carried around with him an air of self-importance and self-confidence.


Trump in his NYMA yearbook – image source:

Trump’s term as a captain for his company wasn’t stellar, though.

He left many of his officers in charge of younger cadets, and he was often seen staying in his room instead of overseeing his unit.

Although he had said that his transfer to administrative duties was a promotion, many thought it was a subtle way of saying he didn’t do his job well.

He graduated from the military academy in 1964.

Trump Wasn’t a Believer of College

Trump went to get a college education at Fordham University in 1964, but only stayed there for two years because, according to him,

“I decided that as long as I had to be in college, I might as well test myself against the best.”



Donald Trump Tweet about his I.Q- image source:

Fordham University is a private research university in Rose Hill, New York City.

It has been ranked constantly in the top lists of schools by US News and World Report, its humanities program and law school among the most well-known and acclaimed.

So why did Donald Trump feel uninspired at Fordham?

According to biographer Gwenda Blair, Trump was actually a good student.

He got along fine with his classmates, and did his coursework.

He just never made long-term plans with a vision of graduating from Fordham University.

It seemed that he was always dreaming of something more.

In 2011, Donald Trump questioned President Barack Obama’s academic record and made comments about his own intelligence.

He has also been known to tout his degree from an Ivy League school, where he attended after his two year-stint at Fordham.

Trump had always seen Fordham as a stepping stone, and true to his word, he went on to greener pastures at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), where he studied economics at Wharton School, the university’s college for business and finance.

Trump Used His College Cred to Play the Game

Of course, Trump didn’t pass up the opportunity to talk about how hard Wharton was during his presidential campaign.

He had also implied about getting top marks or honors. Twitter users were quick to challenge his claims, though.

While Trump was not, in fact, part of the honor students at Wharton (his classmates hardly remembered him at all, and of those who did, they described him as very “low-key”).


The Wharton honors list without Trump’s name on it – image source:

Also, in his book “The Art of the Deal”, Trump himself wrote that he didn’t think that Wharton proved much, but that business people took it seriously.

In fact, Trump’s take-away from his college education at UPenn was less about business practices and more about using his degree to impress people and make business partners fell confidence in his abilities as a partner.



Here’s page 77 of his book “The Art of the Deal”- Image source:

It’s ironic then that Donald Trump was featured in an article in Wharton Alumni Magazine titled “The Best Known Brand Name in Real Estate”.

Many Wharton students don’t support Donald Trump, though, especially for his controversial comments and Tweets on other ethnic groups.

Although Trump was not the stellar, all-American student at Wharton he made himself out to be, he was certainly business streetwise and knew how to play the game.

During the onset of the war in Vietnam, Donald Trump, unlike other college boys, didn’t go to war.

Instead, he used his college education and a minor injury to the heels as an excuse to receive deferments, allowing him to continue to college without getting enlisted to join the Vietnam War.


Trump’s military service card says he’s totally fit for the army – image source:

Well, that was certainly cunning of him – but the Muslim father of a Pakistani-American soldier serving in the US Army who was killed in action certainly didn’t think it was amusing.

In fact, he’s called Trump out on his prejudice against Muslims, saying that Trump never sacrificed anything for his country

YouTube video:Father of Fallen American Soldier Delivers POWERFUL Speech Against Trump

It’s no secret that Donald Trump doesn’t like immigrants, especially those from Islamic states (and that’s even an understatement)

So a Muslim American father of a Muslim American soldier who sacrificed his life for his fellow American soldiers and other supporters have questioned what Trump would sacrifice for his country if he was not willing to go to war for it.


Trump to ban Muslim Twitter users – Image source:

Trump Invested in Nearly Everything – Including Schools

Trump wanted to be the best. He wanted to be seen and recognized, according to his fellow cadets at the New York Military Academy.

But Trump had also wanted to make his father proud, so he went to Wharton and took a program that would help him establish a business and connections.

After his graduation from Wharton with an economics major in 1968, Trump followed in his father’s footsteps to be a real estate developer.

But shortly before his graduation, Trump had already been learning business from his father at “Elizabeth Trump and Son”, which catered to middle-class clients looking to rent places in New York City.

With his father by his side, Trump learned a lot and was able to sell properties fairly well.

He took over in 1972 and renamed the company to Trump Organization.

Subsequently, though, he had failed investments, and was facing an accusation from the Justice Department for discriminating against African-Americans who wanted to rent a place. (actually he was part of several various investors being sued)

Trump had many losses, but he had also some success.

He was able to acquire casinos in the country, manage golf courses around the world, and even owned several beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA.

Trump wanted his fingers in every pie imaginable and that he even established a school in 2005.

Trump University

Trump University, LLC began in 2005, but then changed its name to Trump Wealth Institute in 2008, then finally Trump Entrepreneur Initiative LLC in 2010.

The name changes happily reflect the ambivalence of its founders.

Trump University was a for-profit academic institution that offered real estate training, which didn’t actually sound too bad in theory.

Together with Michael Sexton and Jonathan Spitalny, Donald Trump offered students courses in real estate, entrepreneurship, asset management, and wealth creation.

If Trump’s business practices weren’t so shady, the university might still be around today.

Unfortunately for Trump, the university became the subject of investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office because of complaints from students and the university’s lack of accreditation.


ad from defunct Trump University – Image source:

The university operated first with a free introductory seminar, where participants were all but strong-armed into buying a $1,495 one-year apprenticeship, which was actually only 3 days, then a mentorship that cost $10,000, and finally a spot at the Gold Elite Program that cost around $35,000.

That’s when the school was warned to change its name because Trump University was misleading people into thinking it was an actual university.

It was supposed to be a couple online courses, but the founders thought it would be more profitable – or more educational – to do live classes.

This didn’t pan out, as many of the approaches taught to “students” were deemed unethical and too desperate, according to the participants and the Trump University playbook.


Trump University’s last playbook before it closed – image source:

In the end, Trump University was discontinued in 2010, with Trump (who owned slightly more than 90% of the business) still having three lawsuits to settle.

Trump Institute

Thankfully, Trump University was the first and last academic institution that Donald Trump handled.

He did, however, partner somewhat with Irene and Mike Milin who created Trump Institute in 2005.

TI had a licensing agreement with Trump Organization that lasted until 2010.

The institute was a traveling seminar series on business management (and getting rich).

It might have gone better than Trump University had the founders not been as shady as a dimly-lit alley.

It turns out that the institute’s course book “Billionaire’s Road Map to Success contained at least 20 pages of plagiarized material – taken straight out of another book published by Success Magazine.


plagiarism at trump institute – Image source:

So, although Donald Trump never owned or directly ran Trump Institute, it suffered the same fate as Trump University and is also facing lawsuit allegations.

With such failed plans on education institutions, it’s a relief that Trump has diverted his attentions elsewhere, but the fact that he is running for president opposite Hillary Clinton begs the question,

“What is he going to do about the education in the country?”

Trump’s Education Platform


Trumps twitter post anti-immigrant stance effect on school kids – Image source:

According to an article from Huffington Post, several teachers are worried that the “hate-fueled debacle that is 2016” will only drive prejudice and discrimination against race, gender, and religion.

In fact, a teacher and president of the National Education Association, Eskelsen Garcia, talked about the incident wherein a bunch of white students ridiculed students from a heavily Hispanic school with a picture of Donald Trump and saying, “Build a wall” ,during a basketball game.


Students at a basketball game waiving Trumps picture around spewing his slander – Image source:

A report from the Southern Poverty Law Center revealed that many students have started using slur and discriminatory words to attack their opponents, inspired by Donald Trump’s vocabulary colorful enough to make even sailors blush.

So what effect will this have on Trump’s plans for creating a safe and happy learning environment?

There is also a need to consider Trump’s own attitude towards his own education from middle school to college.

In preparation for his presidential campaign and the presidential debate, Donald Trump has been going around schools and communities (especially the lower-class ones) and promised the following when it comes to education:

  • Trump will direct $20 billion in federal grants to the less fortunate students so that they can attend a school of their choice.
  • The grant will be given to the student (it will essentially “follow the student”) to use for whichever school they decide to attend: public or private or online.
  • He will remedy the problem of student loans.
  • Trump is not pro-Common Core and is thinking of doing away with the state-developed standards.

Right now, the country has trillions of dollars in student loan debts, and other students are taking the wrong move of defaulting on their loans.


student loan debts – Image source:

While Hillary Clinton has announced that college affordability is part of her plans for when she becomes president, Donald Trump has said that the government is making money out of college students through heavy student loans.

He said that restructuring student loans is part of his priorities.

YouTube video: 2016 Town Hall with Donald Trump – Free Trade & Free College:

Trump Wants to Restructure Student Loans

Trump’s policy director, Sam Clovis, said that the presidential nominee is planning to require private banks to commit to a bigger role in terms of federal student loans (which is the opposite of the plans from the Democrat party).

Trump also emphasizes the creation of jobs for fresh graduates to make it easier for them to pay back their debts.

Trump hasn’t outlined all his plans for education, but there are still a few debate dates left, and anything can happen.


Remaining Presidential Debates

October 9, 2016 (Sunday)

Time: 9 PM ET (8 PM CT, 7PM MT, and 6 PM PT)

Place: Washington University in St. Louis


October 19, 2016 (Wednesday)

Time: 9 PM ET (8 PM CT, 7PM MT, and 6 PM PT)

Place: University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Huffington Post Poll


poll presidential election – Image source:

Other polls from FOX, Reuters, CNN, CBS/Times, and YouGov/Economist ranked Clinton in the lead. UPI/CVOTER revealed Trump in the lead against Clinton by two points.



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