5 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Went to Harvard


Celebrities are usually seen as performers who are brilliant on their own righta safe, non-discriminatory way to say that stars are non-academic.

But who said Hollywood personalities and celebrities cant make it to the A-list? or even go to Harvard?

Everyone knows that Harvard University is the number one premier university in the US (and probably in the whole world) and takes a lot of guts and brains for an aspiring student to get in to that college.

Here, we have a list of the most famous celebrities who were able to make it not just to the A-list but were able to soar with flying colors not just in the silver screen but in college academics.

5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Went to Harvard



The brilliant Mr. Obrien started early in his career as a comedy writer and later became one of the nations well-loved host on TV. Who would have ever thought that Mr. funny bones is a 1985 Harvard magna cum laude? Well, theres more to his successful

His passion in comedy and hosting, and basically entertaining people started when he became president of the Harvard Lampoon. He is head writer for the organisations big comedy series.

OBrien wrote for a number of comedy shows before officially writing for Saturday Night Live.

He also wrote for The Simpsons before he tried out to replace David letterman as host in Late Night back in 1993.

O’Brien to date, is the longest-working of all current late-night talk show hosts in the US, serving for 22 years in entertainment television.

His latest talk show, Conan, is still a popular program on TBS and is renewed through 2018.


Tommy Lee Jones-harvard

One of the well-loved seasoned actors and filmmaker in Hollywood, Tommy Lee Jones usually take on roles with an intelligent and strong character. That is simply because it is not far from his true self.

Tommy Lee Jones graduated cum laude in his class with a Bachelor’s degree in English

The brilliant Mr. Jones got in the prestigious Harvard University in a need-based scholarship.

Mr. Jones is a jock back in his college days; he is a star player for Harvards 1968 football team.

He was on a same class and roommates with Al Gore. Jones presented the nominating speech for his college buddy during the 2000 Democratic National Convention.

Among Jones most notable roles is Agent K in the Men in Black film franchise, Sheriff Ed Tom Bell for the critically-acclaimed No Country for Old Men, and Two-Face in Batman Forever.


Daughter of the famous Naomi Judd, Ashley is always into performing arts since she group up in a family of artists. While being an A-list actress, the beautiful Ms. Judd has a strong political will and interest in public service.
With that in mind, Judd entered in a master’s program for public administration at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government in 2010.

Judd attended over 13 schools and always on top of her class.

She graduated at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government alongside Meryl Streep who was given an honorary degree.

Today, she participates in various global humanitarian initiatives.

Judd is not just a pretty face, a brilliant performer, and all brains. She is also a change maker of this generation.



One of Hollywoods highest-grossing actor, Matt Damon has starred in numerous blockbuster and highly-acclaimed movies that propelled his career in great heights. The Good Will Hunting star is not just an A-lister in acting on screen but also in his class.

From 1988-1992, Damon went to Harvard. He left his alma mater with just a remaining 12 units to graduation in order to pursue the lead role in Geronimo: An American Legend at the young age of 18.

He was awarded in 2013 the Harvard Arts Medal.

Damon is also an active member of Harvards Delphic Club, a Final Select club.

Young Matt was also a brilliant screenwriter on the side. He received the Academy Award for best screenplay for Good Will Hunting, which he co-wrote with Ben Affleck in 1997.



Dubbed as one of Hollywoods most beautiful and brilliant actress to date, Natalie Portman is a polyglot (a person who speaks many different languages) and a think tank.

Portman was not able to come to the premier of her debut film, Star Wars to prepare for her finals in high school.

She broke away for awhile with her acting career to finish her studies in Harvard earning her a degree in Psychology.

Portman was also able to write for two research papers published in scientific journals.

Her role as Padmé Amidala in the popular Star Wars movie franchise is her biggest break that launched her career as a serious actor. Her dual persona role in Black Swan landed her a Golden Globe Award as best actress.

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