11 Interesting Facts About Hillary Clinton’s Education

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We have heard candidates like Democrat Hillary Clinton say what she can bring to the table through her political platform. It has been all about politics lately.

While the United States elections is at its peak, people run into questions like who is Hillary Clinton beneath the image of a strong woman? What did she accomplish “back in the day” to get to where she is now today?

Let us backtrack and take a quick look at what Hillary accomplished in her earlier school and throughout her college years.

11 Interesting Facts About Hillarys’ Education

Hillary Clintons Education

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  1. “Hill”, who was Hillary Rodham back then was always at the top of her class and was every teachers favorite all the way from elementary school, through her high school years where she attended at Park Ridge, Illinois.
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  2. The brainy little girl was not all about books but was also active in sports. She also did very well in swimming and baseball. Being a Girl Scout and Brownie, she has earned numerous badges due to her accomplishments.
  3. In 1961 when she was a young girl Hillary wrote a letter to NASA asking them what steps she should take to becoming an astronaut. They responded and told her that they were not accepting women into the space program.
  4. Hillary went to Maine East High School, and won class vice president during her junior year. She then lost when she ran as class president during her senior year against two boys. One of the boys bullied her and told her that it is such a stupid idea for a girl to run and be elected as president. She continued to serve the student council, the school publication as part of the editorial board and was even selected for the National Honor Society.
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  5. Hillary became the first student in the history of Wellesley College to speak at a commencement program and featured in Life Magazine due to her controversial speech.
  6. When Hillary attended Wellesley College in 1965, she was very active in campus politics and was elected class president during her senior year.
  7. During her senior year when she was president, her fellow seniors requested that the administration let her speak at a commencement. She delivered her speech after commencement speaker Senator Brooke and was given a 7-minute standing ovation for her compelling words of action. She appeared in Life magazine because of her speech that critizised the Senator.
  8. Hillary met the love of her life in Yale law school and declined marriage to Bill for the first time.
  9. After graduating with her bachelors degrees degree in 1969, Hillary attended Yale Law School. In the spring of 1971, she met and started dating the love of her life, the former United States president and father of her children, Bill Clinton.
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  10. At summer of the same year, Hillary interned at a law firm in Oakland California. The love-struck young Bill canceled all his summer plans to live with Hillary in California.
  11. Hillary graduated with a Yale Juris Doctor degree in 1973 where she was just one out of 27 woman to graduate in her class along with earning departmental honors, and having stayed for another year to be with her boyfriend, Bill.

When Bill asked Hillary to be his wife after her graduation, Hillary declined because she felt uncertain at that time if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him.

When Bill proposed marriage again to Hillary in 1975, he had a little surprisethe new house they moved into was actually already purchased by Bill. The swooned Hillary couldn’t just say no anymore.

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