10 Craziest College Scholarships


Since college tuition isn’t getting any cheaper, many students are looking for better alternatives.

Of course, there are college grants that can alleviate financial burden and online schools that are cheaper, easier and more flexible for distance learning.

There are also inexpensive schools that are better options for those who don’t have the money, but would like quality education.

But even with less expensive tuition, there are other expenses to consider, and that’s where other scholarships come in.

When people say “scholarship”, they usually think it’s only for students who constantly get an A+ on their report cards, or especially talented kids who did the Swan Lake in front of a national audience when they were five.

That couldn’t be any farther from the truth.

Here are the strangest scholarships around the country you can apply for to help you out with your education – whether you love to design clothes, pretend you’re in a zombie apocalypse, or play computer games.

Prom Guide Cutest Couple Scholarship Contest


Cutest Couple Scholarship – image source: promguide.com

Scholarship Award: $1,000

Given by: America’s Prom Guide, LLC

Scholarship Description:

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you think you’re cute together? Well here’s your chance to win a scholarship by posting a picture of you together as a couple.

To get an idea, you can browse through the website’s gallery so that you can best the other applicants!

  • First, you follow @PromGuide on Instagram
  • Post your best couple picture on Instagram using hashtag #PGCutestCouple2016
  • Register at PromGuide.com


Doodle 4 Google Scholarship Contest


Doodle 4 Google Scholarship – image source: doodles.google.com

Scholarship Award: $30,000

Given by: Google

Scholarship Description:

If you love sketching and playing with colors, then you might stand a chance at winning a scholarship from Google.

You might think it’s pretty easy, but the Google founders love their doodles, and the scholarship prize is pretty huge!

The topic is “what I see for the Future” and each doodle entry must contain the letters GOOGLE. You can use clay, food, crayons, pretty much any type of material.

Anyone, from kindergarten to the 12th grade are invited to join. To submit a doodle, you need to:

  • Go to the Doodle 4 Google page
  • If the contest has already opened, then you can:
  • Read the instructions at the How it Works Tab (just to be safe)
  • Download and fill up registration form (by parents or guardians)
  • Read the contest rules


Create a Greeting Card Scholarship Contest


Greeting Card Scholarship – image source: gallerycollection.com

Scholarship Award: $10,000

Given by: The Gallery Collection

Scholarship Description:

Any student 14 years old and older can enter this contest, where you can upload an original photo or artwork that will serve as the front of a greeting card.

All you need to do is register at the site and upload your artwork. To prepare yourself, you should start browsing Hallmark and Blue Mountain aisles.

It’s a small price to pay to receive a $10,000 scholarship.

Duck Tape Stuck on Prom Scholarship Contest


Duck tape scholarship – image: stuckatprom.com

Scholarship Award: $10,000

Given by: Duck Tape/ShurTech Brands

Scholarship Description:

Whether you’re going to the prom solo or with a partner you can join this contest to win $10,000 for your college education.

The single most important thing is to “wear” prom attire (shoes, jackets, bracelets, etc.) that have used or incorporated Duck Tape.

Then submit your photo to Stuck on Prom. It has to be original and hasn’t received an award before.

Just browse through their gallery to get some inspiration – trust me, you’ve never seen Duck Tape used in designs like these.

Even if you don’t win the $10,000, you can still get $1,000, $3,000, or $5,000 scholarship award.

Tall Clubs International Scholarships


Tall Club Scholarship – image source: tallclubfoundation.org

Scholarship Award: $1,000

Given by: Tall Clubs International Foundation, Inc.

Scholarship Description:

This one is kind of unique. There are actually various international clubs for tall people, and many of them offer scholarships to students who are about to enter their first year of college (or anyone who is under 21 years old).

Minimum height for women is 5’10’’ and for men is 6’2’’.

Just go to the Tall Clubs website to see which charters are participating in the scholarship program.

Zolp Scholarship


The Zolp Scholarship – image source: luc.edu

Scholarship Award:  Amount varies

Given by: Loyola University Chicago

Scholarship Description:

This scholarship is pretty exclusive – since it is only given to someone who has the following 3 characteristics:

Easy, right? Lol

John Gatling Scholarship


John Gatling Scholarship – image source: ncsu.edu

Scholarship Award: $10,000 – $15,000

Given by: NC State University

Scholarship Description:

If you thought LUC was the only one who came up with such a weird and exclusive scholarship, read up on North Carolina State University’s scholarship, which only requires that you have the surname “Gatling” or “Gatlin”.

Of course you need to get good grades, but with $10,000 for in-state students per year (or $15,000 for out-of-state students), why not?

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship


Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship – image source: unigo.com

Scholarship Award: $2,000

Given by: ScholarshipExperts (unigo.com)

Scholarship Description:

Guess what? You don’t need to be a genius to get this scholarship, but you do need to be pretty creative, which might not be so difficult if you’re a big fan of The Walking Dead or World War Z.

Anyone 13 years old and older can join. Also, you need to at least be able to read and write well.

You need to answer an essay that asks you to come up with a plan to avoid zombies.

The premise is that your school has been overrun with zombies, and you have no other ally (everyone else has been turned). You need to write about:

  • Where you’re hiding
  • Top 5 things you will bring with you to ensure your survival

Now even if you don’t get the scholarship, you’ll have fun coming up with a zombie apocalypse survival plan.

Pokemon World Championship Scholarship Contest


Pokemon Scholarship – image source: pokemon.com

Scholarship Award: $1,000

Given by: Pokemon

Scholarship Description:

Do you love to play Pokemon? Who doesn’t, right? Well, now’s your chance to play and win!

If you are one of the top finishers of Play! Pokemon Championship Series. Winners (1st – 8th place) who are 18 years old and older can receive a scholarship or cash prize.

You can win $1,500 to $25,000. And the great thing about the scholarship?

It’s good until you’re 28 years old or 10 years after you’ve won it. When that time passes by and you haven’t used your scholarship yet, it will be donated to charity.

Starfleet Academy Scholarships


Starfleet Academy Scholarship – image source: sfi.org

Scholarship Award: $1,000


Scholarship Description:

It’s all about the nerds! If you’re a Trekkie, then you’re in luck.

You can apply for a Starfleet Academy Scholarship. You do have to at least be a “stellar” STARFLEET member for a year.

You can download the scholarship application to be considered.

And you can also look up their other scholarship programs for different fields (engineering, business, education, the arts, etc.)

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