10 Best Apps for College Students (Review)


New apps are being developed every day, and it seems like every question already has an answer.

As a college student, you have the world at your fingertips.

There are so many tools around you that you can use to help your education better, and to make your life easier.

You should embrace the opportunities technology gives you to succeed in college.

We know it’s a difficult time – college is never easy, and there are days (and nights!) where it feels like there’s not enough time in the world to do all your projects and meet your deadlines.

Well, that’s where apps come in!

This list review will present to you the top 10 best apps you should use that will make things easier for you in college, whether you are studying for a test, balancing your finances, or keeping all your notes in one safe and portable place.


App Availability: mobile, tablet, and computer; BenchPrep Companion is available for iOS and Android

Cost of App: $30 per month; 7-day Free Trial

BenchPrep is an online learning platform that can help students study for standardized exams like the SAT and GRE, among others.

Aside from that, it’s helpful for younger students who want to study or prepare for their regular K-12 subjects.

BenchPrep is also for working adults who want to study for professional certifications.

Practically anyone who needs to prep up for a test or exam can use this app!

What’s great about BenchPrep, though, is that its learning materials were created in partnership with educational organizations and publishing groups like McGraw Hill, the Princeton Review, and John Wiley & Sons.

According to the site, over 1 million users have loved BenchPrep, which will allow you to take sample tests, find out your strengths and weaknesses (in terms of subject/topic/skill), and learn where you stand on your average test scores.


App Availability: mobile, tablet, and computer; Android, iOS, Windows, OS X

Cost of App:  Free Version & Paid Version ($34.99 for 1 GB; $69.99 for 10 GB per year)

Evernote is designed for note-taking.

It is one of the best apps for such a thing, and the fact that it offers synchronizations (over so many different platforms) and backup services.

It also allows users to clip and save an entire article or just a part of the webpage, as well as copy and paste images.

Users of Evernote can create “notes” through different ways:

  • Camera
  • Attachment
  • Work chat
  • Reminder
  • Handwriting (yes, you can use a stylus or just your finger to write a note)
  • Text notes

Evernote is basically a dream when it comes to making a to-do list, keeping tabs on all your accounts, notes in school, and random things you come across and don’t want to forget!

Another great thing about Evernote is that it will give college student users 75% OFF on a full year of 10 GB as long as you are a new user with a valid .edu email address!

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

App Availability: mobile or tablet; Android

Cost of App:  Free

Unfortunately RealCalc is not available for Apple users.

This app was specifically designed for Android phones, and it’s one of the best apps to use when you’re doing math.

Why? It looks exactly like a scientific calculator!

The RealCalc Scientific Calculator is the most powerful calculator app on the market.

It has all the functions you need to multiply and divide or find the variance of a problem.

And when you use the app on your phone, it will feel like you’re using an actual scientific calculator – even the numbers look real!

Also, it’s completely free to download and use, so there’s no contest.


App Availability: mobile, tablet, computer: Android, iOS, and Windows

Cost of App:  Free

You remember that time when you read a hundred documents just to write a 5-page project?

Well I do – and it was a nightmare keeping up with the citation and bibliography. And it’s not like I memorized how to cite using MLA or APA.

So this is where EasyBib comes in. It does the citation for you.

It’s available on all platforms (except for Mac OS X), and all you need to do is enter or copy & paste the website or URL address, or enter the title or ISBN of a book, film, scholarly journal so that EasyBib can generate the citation – for MLA, APA, or Chicago (or more than a dozen other styles you’ve never heard of).

EasyBib has it all!

It does the dirty work of getting the citations right so that you can use your gray matter for more important things – like writing the body of your argument.

If you think it’s cheating, well, you’d be dead wrong.

Assumption College Libraries offers subscriptions to their students, and that includes the use of EasyBib, which they advocate to make citation faster and more appropriate.

Dragon Dictation

App Availability: mobile or tablet; iOS

Cost of App:  Free

The Dragon Dictation app is the most popular speech-to-text mobile app for students on the go. This time, it’s a win for Apple users.

What makes Dragon Dictation a winner is that it’s lightning fast – you don’t have to wait for the app to catch up to your words.

It’s perfect for when you’re doing something else with your hands, are too lazy to type, or think faster than you write.

It also allows you to post updates to your social media accounts – and even send SMS! That’s right.

You don’t have to type your messages or status updates or your tweets.

With the Dragon Dictation app, you can just say what you want and the app will do the rest.


App Availability: mobile, tablet, or computer; Android & iOS

Cost of App:  Free

You have, no doubt, encountered Dictionary.com already while using your computer.

When you type in a word, looking for its meaning, this site is one of the first few websites that appear on Google’s page one.

Now, it’s available as a free app on your Android or Apple device.

There’s not much that needs to be said for Dictionary.com.

With it, you can find out how a word is spelled and even get some synonyms! Now you’ll feel better about writing that English essay.


App Availability: computer; Mac OS X

Cost of App:  Free

This is one of the best apps to use when you really need to concentrate on something on your computer and you’re not supposed to get distracted by other things – like 100 Biggest Camping Fails or 20 Cutest Dogs in the World.

SelfControl will help your self-control by blocking or limiting your internet access.

After downloading and activating the app, enter the list of website you want to block your access to, set the amount of time you want to get blocked, then just click “Start”.

Be careful with the time you set, though.

SelfControl will stick to the time you entered – even if you restart your computer, and even if you delete the app itself!

Google Drive

App Availability: mobile, tablet, or computer; Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X

Cost of App:  $1.99 to $299.99 a month for 10 GB to 30 TB

Many people will disagree that Google is the next best thing since slice bread, but no one will dispute that Google’s services give lots of benefits and can be a huge advantage when you don’t want to create multiple accounts.

Google is the best at synchronization of accounts across multiple platforms, devices, and services.

This means that as long as you have a Gmail account, then you already have a free Google Drive account worth 15 GB.

Not bad, right? Plus, Google apps work in nearly all devices.

So, if you don’t want to create another account to store your more important college paperwork like pdf files, thesis paper, images, or videos, then Google Drive’s got you covered.

Also, any attachment on your Gmail can be saved immediately to your Google Drive.

And because Google just loves education, students can actually get an Unlimited Google Drive storage limit in its Drive for Education initiative for free!

This depends on your school, though, but many colleges are, in fact, using Google apps for their employees and for their students like University of Texas at Austin, University of Michigan, and more.


App Availability:

Cost of App:  

Duolingo is seriously so popular among language students for two main reasons: it’s fun to use and it’s free!

Even if you are already a senior college student, you’ll have to admit that learning a new language can be difficult and sometimes boring, but not when you’re playing games!

Duolingo engages its users, who can earn points and “level up” when they get correct answers.

Duolingo prides itself on having short but effective lessons that really help its students.

In fact, a study conducted by an assistant professor at the Queens College of the City University of New York and the chair of the University of Southern California’s statistic department reveals that using Duolingo effectively helped students learn a language better.


App Availability: mobile, tablet, computer; Android or iOS

Cost of App:  Free

If you’re a college student struggling to balance your budget, then Mint is your new best friend.

As soon as you sign up for a Mint account, you can see where you’re money goes.

You can see your spending by category, and you don’t even have to enter every purchase to set your budget because Mint automatically gets data from your bank account (after you connect it) so that you can see the percentage breakdown of your spending.

It also allows you to separate the ATM fees so that you can really see how much you’re getting every time you get money.

Add the bills and cards you have so you can see which ones you need to cut back on.

Also, Mint updates changes automatically, so you get to see your spending in real time.

And the best part?

Mint gives you suggestions on how you can stretch your money further and how you can save.


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