Top 5 US Colleges with Satellite Campuses Abroad

In a fast-paced, modern world, higher education institutions are always looking for ways to expand and provide more learning opportunities to students around the world.

Colleges and universities offer online courses that can be taken by anyone around the world. These courses can either be taken for credit or as short standalone courses in any subject for professional development.

Anyone can take an online course and earn a diploma or certificate that can help them land a job or increase their chances or promotion. Professionals can even take graduate courses online.

According to the Cross-Border Education Research Team (C-BERT) at the State University of New York at Albany, there are 232 international branch campuses (IBCs) in over 32 countries.

More than 20 have failed in their new countries, but around 25 are going to take their place in the global education market.

These international branch campuses are sometimes called “satellite campuses”. A satellite campus is a campus that represents a college or university in another city, state, or country. Many well-known colleges have satellite campuses around the world.

One of the distinctions between a satellite campus and a center for study abroad programs is that satellite or branch campuses confer degrees in undergraduate or graduate programs, whereas study abroad program centers don’t give out diplomas or degrees, and only allow students to study there for a few month’s time (or a year) for college credits.

Top Colleges With Abroad Satellite Campuses

Webster University

webster university missouri

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The main campus of the private academic institution, Webster University, is located at Webster Groves, Missouri. It first started as Loretto College for women, but started accepting male students in 1962.

It has satellite campuses within the country, but its international branch campuses can be found in Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Thailand, China, and Ghana.

Webster University Vienna offers bachelor and master programs in business, international relations, media communications, and psychology. Webster University Thailand also offers the same degrees as those in Vienna, but with added bachelor programs like computer science and business administration.

The campuses in Ghana and Leiden offer the same programs. The university campus in Geneva has added a bachelor’s program in media and photography. The China university branch offers degrees under arts and sciences, education, communication, business, and fine arts.

Temple University

Temple University Philadelphia

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The Temple University in the USA is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It’s a public university that began in 1884. It has more than 39,000 students currently enrolled, and has campuses in Italy, Japan, Singapore, and England.

The university mainly offers degrees in law, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, podiatry, and architecture. It currently offers 140 bachelor’s programs.

The Temple University in Japan is the country’s oldest foreign academic institution. Undergraduate programs offered are art, Asian studies, communications, economics, international affairs and business, Japanese language, computer science, psychology, and political science.

Its graduate studies offer masters in TESOL, doctors in applied linguistics, doctors in music therapy, an MBA, and law school. Its branch in Singapore, meanwhile, offers masters in business and human resource management, and courses for business leaders.

The university campuses in England and Italy, however, are study abroad programs.

New York University

New York University campus

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The New York University main campus can be found in New York City. It’s a private institution established in 1831. It has many learning centers around the state of New York, and has several international centers in Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Berlin, and many more.

There are two satellite campuses, one in Abu Dhabi, and one in Shanghai. The campus in Abu Dhabi offers 22 undergraduate majors in Arab studies, art and art history, chemistry, biology, music, philosophy, and more. Its graduate program offers a doctoral research in biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, and engineering.

NYU Shanghai offers degrees in the humanities, STEM, economics, and social sciences.

Empire State College

Empire State College

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The Empire State College is part of the State University of New York (SUNY), which is a group composed of public colleges and universities.

ESC was started to encourage adult learners to pursue higher education by allowing the students to design their own program. The college offers flexible options when it comes to completing a degree.

The main college is located in Saratoga Springs, New York. One of its satellite campuses is in Prague, Czech Republic. It’s a recognized IBC or branch campus, although the bachelor’s program is only open to students who have already fulfilled two years at the University of New York in Prague or another credited university within the region.

The college offers majors in business administration, media communication, psychology, and European studies, and students earn a joint bachelor’s degree from ESC and SUNY at New Paltz.

Another campus is in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It’s in collaboration with Universidad APEC, and students can earn a degree in business, management and economics.

The one in Tirana, Albania offers business administration, computer science, finance, marketing, psychology, management, and international relations degrees. Students study at the University of New York, Tirana before studying at ESC.

In Athens, Greece, students study at New York College for two years, then finish their degree at ESC. Another campus site in Greece is Thessaloniki.

There are more degrees to choose from in the satellite campus in Beirut, Lebanon. It’s in collaboration with the American University of Technology and American University of Science and Technology, and offers additional majors in audiovisual arts, graphic design, finance, hospitality management, and political science.

The Eskişehir campus in Turkey is for students who have completed three years at the Anadolu University. During the fourth year, students can complete their studies at ESC. Both ESC and AU confer separate degrees, but share credits.

New York Institute of Technology

New York Institute of Technology


NYIT is a private institution that offers 90 bachelor’s degree programs. It has several campuses around the country, in Long Island and Manhattan. It has 9,000 students enrolled in its main campus.

NYIT Abu Dhabi was the first US university in the city. Enrolled students can earn degrees in business administration, interior design, and mechanical engineering. The school offers master in instructional technology, management, and information security.

It has several satellite campuses around China. NYIT Nanjing offers only a few bachelor’s degrees in business, mass communication, computer science, and engineering. NYIT Shanghai offers career advice and job networking for the alumni.

NYIT Beijing offers business administration, marketing, film and television production, fine arts, and advertising. Its master’s degrees are in communication arts and computer graphics. NYIT’s school of business has campuses in different places in China, for business programs.

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