Top 5 Study Abroad Programs for College Students


Many students travel the world to get a college degree. Some of them are able to study in the United States by getting a scholarship.

Others pay their own way to study in quality colleges with a diverse student population.

Nina Truong, an Emory University student wrote a Huffington Post article on the reasons college students should study abroad.

She mentions, among other things, that studying abroad helps broaden perspectives and cultural relations.

But not all study abroad programs are created equally.

To help you make the most of your time and experience in another country, here are the best 5 study abroad programs you should consider when you step into college.

According to a survey by the NAFSA Association of International Educators, students taking study abroad programs have increased in the 2013 – 2014 year by 5.2%.

Most of the students study in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, and France, but many colleges these days have opened their programs to other continents of Asia, Central and South America, and Africa.

Both undergraduate and post-graduate students take study abroad programs.

The master’s course in Harvard Business School requires all of its first year students to study abroad for credits.

Many of the students going abroad to study for credit are women in the liberal sciences, but male and female students in the STEM fields are also highly encouraged to study abroad at companies and institutions to broaden their skill sets and learn different cultural academic systems.  

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Study Abroad Program


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Located in: Worcester, Massachusetts

Facts: Worcester Polytechnic Institute was established in 1865. The “smiley face” icon originated from Worcester town, and was designed by Harvey Ball in 1963.

Among other things developed in this college town were the Shredded Wheat, ballpoint pen, and candlepin bowling.

Worcester Polytechnic is ranked No. 1 in the most recent Princeton Review for Most Popular Study Abroad program (25th Edition, 2017).

Study Abroad Program: WPI has a Global Projects Program that allows students from business, science, and engineering majors to study at more than 40 campuses around the world.

About 65% of their students do at least one off-campus project.

Students study in New Zealand, China, France, United Kingdom, and South Africa, among others.

Centre College Study Abroad Program


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Located in: Danville, Kentucky

Facts: Centre College, a liberal arts school, started in 1819. It has around 1,400 students enrolled.

The school offers 22 majors, and makes available scholarships for its students (more than 90% get financial help).

Study Abroad Program: It is the college with the largest number of students studying abroad at least once (85%). Even their faculty can spend a semester with their students.

The school has partners in over 9 countries, from Northern Ireland to Spain. Fees and tuition needed to study abroad is the same amount as studying in Centre.

Students can participate in two study abroad programs:

  1. The residential programs in other countries
  2. Specialized Centre Term programs that offer different locations during January and May. The college also offers domestic travel study programs in Washington DC and Chicago.

Elon University Study Abroad Program


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Located in: North Carolina

Facts: In the most recent Princeton Review, Elon University ranked No. 1 in Best-Run Colleges.

It was founded in 1889, and has a total of more than 6,000 students. There are 60 majors undergraduates can take.

Study Abroad Program: Elon University handles its international study activities through its Isabella Cannon Global Education Center.

Students can study in Italy, England, Costa Rica, and more. Almost 70% of their students have joined the study abroad programs.

Goucher College Study Abroad Program


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Located in: Baltimore, Maryland

Facts: The school, founded in 1885, has over 2,680 registered students. There are 33 majors offered.

Goucher attests that the study abroad experience gives their students a large advantage when looking for employment within the country or abroad.

Study Abroad Program: Goucher College students are required to join a study abroad program in one of 32 countries like Argentina, Jordan, or China.

Although most of the college’s study abroad programs are for second year students and older, there is an Intensive Courses Abroad program for first year students that will allow them to study abroad for 3 weeks.

Aside from these programs, students can also participate in fellowship and volunteer opportunities abroad.

University of Dallas Study Abroad Program


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Located in: Irving, Texas

Facts: The University of Dallas was founded in 1956, and is a Catholic institution. There are around 2,500 students enrolled.

US News and World Report and Forbes Magazine list the university in the top 10 in the West and top 15 in the country, respectively, as one of the best Catholic colleges.

Study Abroad Program: The University has one of the longest running study abroad programs.

It’s Rome Program has been around for 45 years, and allows students to study art and literature, architecture, history, theology and philosophy, and culture as they travel around Rome to Venice, Florence, Greece, and Assisi to study ancient texts and classic art.

Students can also study modern languages through other programs for other countries Spain, Costa Rica, and France.

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