Top 5 Cheapest Community Colleges

Top 5 Cheapest Community Colleges

You know Tom Hanks, and you certainly know Walt Disney. Well, these guys, as well as other well-known people in the business and entertainment industries, actually graduated from a community college.

With the rising costs of tuition and attendance fees, sometimes it’s good to find alternatives.

There are many reasons to choose to study at a community college, and if money is a concern, here are the five most affordable community colleges in the United States you should consider.

Costs pertain to those who reside from within the state, as community colleges were established to make higher education more affordable and accessible to residents. The total cost of attendance may depend on the student, though, as there are ways to minimize rent or budget food and living costs.

Tuition fees are very affordable, so students who live in a house within walking or commuting distance to the college can cut down on unnecessary expenses.

Cleveland Community College

cleveland community college

Located in: Shelby, North Carolina

Average tuition per year: $2,304

Average cost of attendance per year: $3,398

The amount is very low as most students don’t have to rent to study at CCC.

Financial Aid: Federal grants and scholarships are offered to the students. There are also state scholarships, and employment offers for students who need help paying for college.

Programs offered: CCC also offers degrees for associate in general education and associate in applied science, and certificates in accounting, fine arts, biotechnology, law enforcement training, carpentry, electrical systems, and more.

Articulation Agreement: CCC has a transfer program, but only for those taking studies in selected courses under business, education, engineering, mathematics, medical-related, natural sciences, social studies, humanities, and English.


Seward County Community College/Area Technical School

Seward County Community College

Located in: Liberal, Kansas

Average tuition per year: $2,656

Average cost of attendance per year: $7,175

Students can find out individualized calculation through the college website’s Net Calculator. Students who live with their parents (or have their own house and don’t need to rent) and reside within the state can expect to spend the amount above annually.

Financial Aid: Students can apply for federal and state grants. Academic scholarships are also given to students with high grades.

Programs offered: Students can study business, science and math, education, industrial technology, health, and pre-medicine, among others.

Articulation Agreement: Seward County Community College has a 2 + 2 Articulation Agreement with several universities.


North Florida Community College

North Florida Community College

Located in: Madison, Florida

Average tuition per year: $3,084

Average cost of attendance per year: $8,884

Financial Aid: Aid offers vary from dependent to independent students, and those from within Florida, and outside. Federal grants, as well as NFCC scholarships from the NFCC Foundation, Inc.

Programs offered: Students can earn associate degrees in science: business administration, accounting technology, criminal justice technology, digital media technology, emergency medical services, and registered nursing; associate in arts: applied social science, design, education, business, health sciences, manufacturing, public safety, and STEM emphasis.

Students can also study technical education programs in child care, early childhood education, practical nursing, patient care technician, medical administrative specialist, and more. Like many community colleges, NFCC offers law enforcement and emergency training.

Articulation Agreement: NFCC is under the state 2 + 2 Articulation Agreement, wherein an NFCC graduate with an associate degree in arts can earn a bachelor’s degree in one of Florida’s state universities.


Coffeyville Community College

Coffeyville Community College

Located in: Coffeyville, Kansas

Average tuition per year: $2,304

Average cost of attendance per year: $9,828

The college offers on-campus housing (with additional cost), but the only ones required to stay in these residence halls are the full-time and unmarried students under the age of 21.

Financial Aid: Students can apply for loans and federal grants. The college also offers scholarships like athletic, Endowed, Presidential, Red Raven, Technical, Gold Card, and more.

Programs offered: The college offers many majors like agriculture, chemistry, digital communications, education, English, consumer sciences, history, horticulture, humanities, music, math, physics, pre-medicine, pre-law, and more. There are other programs offered at the Coffeyville Technical Campus and at the Columbus Technical Campus.

Articulation Agreement: Coffeyville Community College has several agreements with other academic institutions. It is also under the Kansas Transfer Articulation Agreement, which allows those who graduated, with an associate degree in science or art, from an accredited Kansas community college to proceed to a state university as a junior student.

Garden City Community College

Garden City Community College

Located in: Garden City, Kansas

Average tuition per year: $1,824

Average cost of attendance per year: $9,914

This cost can be lower for those who don’t need to pay for renting near the college.

Financial Aid: Federal grants are available to the students, and scholarships are offered for those taking selected majors. There is also a scholarship offered by the state of Kansas.

Programs offered: GCCC students can earn a degree among four offered by the college (associate in arts, associate in science, associate in applied science, and associate in general studies), in business, communications, mathematics, and more. There are also technical courses offered in nursing, welding, EMT, criminal justice, fire science, and industrial maintenance.

Articulation Agreement: GCCC is under the Kansas Transfer Articulation Agreement, and offers students the chance to move up to a four-year university in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree, immediately with a junior standing.

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