Top 10 US Colleges with the Most International Students


The United States of America is composed of hundreds of nationals and immigrants from all over the world. Some have come to the country to work, while others have come to study at the colleges and universities.

Globalization has opened new doors to international students.

A study by the Institute of International Education revealed that the number of international students enrolled in US colleges in school year 2014 – 2015 rose by 10%. Many of these students come from Latin America and the Caribbean.

According to US News and World Report, here are the top 10 colleges with the most number of international students coming to the US for college.

10 colleges With the Most International Students

Florida Institute of Technology

Florida Institute of Technology

It has more than 3,500 undergraduate students enrolled, but its percentage of international students is 32.9%. The school was founded in 1958, and was listed as No. 131 in Best Colleges for Veterans. The Florida Institute of Technology ranked No. 161 among national universities, but is lauded for its engineering programs.

It also has several fellowships and scholarships for those taking doctoral degrees. The McKnight Doctoral Fellowship is offered to African American and Hispanic US citizens.

The New School


The New School has over 6,000 undergraduate students. With 135 programs, the school involves a mix of liberal arts, music and design, humanities, and the performing arts. It has many academic centers around the world, and has 31.7% of international students.

It also hosts a competition where students can study in one of its campuses either in New York or in Paris.

Students can enroll in the following schools: Parsons School of Design, Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts, College of Performing Arts, The New School for Social Research, and the Schools for Public Engagement.

It’s ranked No. 105 in Best Colleges for Veterans, and No. 127 among National Universities.

Illinois University of Technology

Illinois University of Technology

Illinois University of Technology has over 7,000 total number of students attending their college, with some of them coming from over 97 countries. It has a percentage of 29.8% international students.

It’s one of the country’s higher-ranking schools, and is No. 47 in Best Value Schools, making it an affordable college, with quality education, facilities, and staff. It is ranked No. 89 in Best Colleges for Veterans, and No. 108 in National Universities.

The school also offers scholarships for first year, transfer, and international students.

University of Tulsa

international students university of tulsa

This university in Oklahoma has a little more than 3,400 undergraduate enrollees, but has 26.7% of international students in its campuses. The university hosts over a thousand students from 79 countries.

It’s No. 71 in Best Colleges for Veterans, No. 86 in National Universities, and No. 156 in Business Programs.

The school is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church, and offers scholarships for international students, who can avail of $4,000 to $14,000 financial aid, which can be renewed every year.

Lynn University

Lynn University

It’s a school with a small undergraduate enrollment of just a little more than 1,000, but has a 23% population of students from 85 countries outside the Unites States. It is ranked No. 21 in Most Innovative Schools, and is consistently among the top universities in the country.

It’s not hard to imagine why, when the school adopts new ideas and technology to deliver classes. The school has a tablet-based education experience, and its Mohammed Indimi International Business Center is patterned after workspaces like Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

This Pennsylvanian school is busy and colorful. It has around 6,309 undergraduate enrollees, and 20.9% of international students.

The campus has housing for all students, but only new students are actually required to live within the school grounds. There are more than 20 fraternities and sororities for the students to join. School sports is on top of the list, as the university’s Tartans also play in the NCAA Division III matches.

It was founded in 1900, and is ranked No. 18 in Best Colleges for Veterans and No. 23 in National Universities.

The university is also ready to help students in need of financial aid, with scholarship and grant support.

University of California San Diego

University of California San Diego

California-based national universities have a reputation for large enrollments and globally-recognized programs. The University of California, San Diego (UCSD) is no exception.

It has a lot of social and education workshops and programs, for its 24,810 undergraduate students, but 19.9% of total number of students are originally from abroad.

It ranked No. 39 in National Universities, but got the 17th spot in the overall CWUR World List Ranking 2016, and 5th in the Influence category.

Andrews University

Andrew University-international students

Located in Michigan, Andrews University has a 19.5% of international student population. It’s affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and only has around 1,805 undergraduate students.

It’s ranked No. 175 in National Universities, and was No. 35 in the Best College Reviews’ list of ethnically diverse schools.

Northeastern University

Northeastern University

Northeastern University, Massachusetts, is well-known for its medical research and programs for its students.

It’s No. 38 in Best Colleges for Veterans and No. 47 in National Universities. One of the things that make NU a sought-after school is that its student-teacher ratio is 14:1. There are many classes with less than 20 students, providing a more engaging and communicative educational experience.

There are over 13,000 undergraduate students in the school, and the college team is part of the NCAA Division I competitions.

University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco

This university is ranked No. 32 among most ethnically diverse schools in the country. Run by Jesuit priests, University of San Francisco has over 19% international students among its registered enrollees.

More than half of the students are granted financial aid or grants worth $20,000. Its psychology program was ranked in the top 10 best upcoming psychology programs in the West. It’s also on Forbes list for its business and entrepreneur programs and activities.

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