Schools Transgender Toilets are Opposed by Eleven States


On June 26 of last year, President Barrack Obama declared the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States and many began to dub June as the ‘Pride Day’.

Subsequently, several provisions other than the right of choosing who to come in union with, such as transgender families receiving equal stability, recognition and economic benefits have been stipulated on the legalization.

However, even after a year issues are still rising as to all the what’s and how’s that come along the legalization.

Today, eleven states have filed a lawsuit against the expansion of the rights of the LGBT community stretching towards schools and educational institutions.

This is in relation to the mandate of the White House among all schools in the United to give all students the opportunity to choose and use any public toilet—may it be male or female, that they feel best suits and matches their gender identity.

The new guidelines were also declared by the Obama Administration as essentially a response and opposition to North Carolina who has passed a law requiring transgender people to use public toilets in accordance to the sexual identity that has been clearly written in their birth certificates.

Other states that are pursuing the lawsuit includes Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

Though many other factors may be called about this directive, the opposing states still believe that this is yet to be a massive social experiment.

Despite the notion, the withholding of federal education aid has been used as a threat to the states that do not comply and go against the White House’s directive.

Fort Worth, Texas, is one of the most conservative states that has loudly voiced out its protest and has become one of the sternest battlegrounds in its opposition of any transgender student using his or her public toilet choice.

Despite the threat, Texas strongly and willingly stands to lose even the education funding worth $10 billion.

Additionally, the eleven states are concerned with such directive given that not much consultation, according to them, has been made by the Obama administration prior to the declaration of the mandate.

Along with this issue came the discomfort it has brought to the people especially on their beliefs that have as well, been kind of disrespected.

At the minute of mandate, there has already been a backlash from some parents. The new guidelines have tremendously caused and made students and parents feel the risk on their public safety.

The eleven states presuppose allowing transgender people to choose their toilet could lead to women and children being attacked, especially as the setting is in schools.

The parents expressed their fear that many people, for example, men, could claim that they are transgender while using their advantage to feed their motives—while being able to use legal protections as their own cover.

The US Justice Department says that the claim of threat is truly non-existent, and instead, challenged the lawsuit, which it has named as discriminatory to the LGBT community.

Accordingly, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch believes there is no room for discrimination—not even in schools.

On the other hand, the eleven other opposing states still stand on their belief that the government has overstepped its powers, instead of just practically leaving the job to the Congress or the individual states.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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