Highest-Paying Community College Graduate Jobs


Four years in college nowadays seem too costly for some families who only earn minimum to mid income. Skyrocketing college tuition and costs make acquiring a four-year bachelors degree a very high mountain to climb.

The increase in demand of students opting for two-year programs are due to the affordability as well the efficiency offered by community colleges and technical schools. With intensive two-year college programs offered by these institutions, its allowed students from low to middle income families seek professional opportunities as these schools have provided them with job skills that made them equipped for job markets that are also high in demand.

Here are the top most in-demand jobs for community college and technical school graduates:

Nuclear and Energy Industry Technician

Nuclear technicians are indemand as the energy industry booms in todays global economy. This job market is seen to expand by 10- 15% in the coming years. This job requires technical skills that are offered in select community colleges and technical schools all over the nation. Specific skill set for operations in the nuclear energy field are to be mastered by students and the actual job may seem stressful but the opportunities and compensation met by this job is definitely worth it.

Physical Therapy Aide

The demand on Physical Therapy Aides is beginning to climb as the job market growth for it is reaching more than 40% in recent years. This is due to the fact that Physical Therapy Aides hold important roles in implementing strategies and programs for patient care. Their job is to help licensed therapists work with patients to recover after a severe injury. Physical Therapy Aide certification can be acquired through two-year degree programs that are readily available from accredited programs of community colleges. Aides are compensated around $40,000 per year as of present.

Music and Sound Engineering Technicians

Musically-inclined fellows and music enthusiasts may find this job a good fit. Sound engineering and broadcast/ or music engineering programs are offered in numerous community colleges all over United States. Music or sound technicians are currently indemand since their services are always called for in events management such as concerts, and clubbing events in the multi-million earning entertainment industry.

These individuals re responsible for the setup of technical equipments during a show. At around $40,000 per year, job market growth is expected to be at 10% in the US-based economy.

Medical Technician and Assistant

Basically, anything in the medical field is definitely in-demand with exclusive healthcare practices and programs on the rise. Community colleges and technical schools have a number of programs dedicated in the field of healthcare. These accredited programs are always in-demand for students especially those who would lie to work in the medical field but cant afford expensive 4- year bachelors degree programs such as nursing.

Some of the sought after jobs in healthcare are Ultrasound Technicians who operate imaging devices used in assessing pregnancies; Nursing Aides who offer critical level of assistance for doctors and nurses by handling equipment with high attention to detail and Care Givers who provide superior care in the patients home.

With all these opportunities presented, going for a two-year community college or technical school program can be a great option since these offer practical solutions to those who seek college education but cant afford a four-year degree. It can also turn into a fulfilling career track with great financial opportunities and benefits like what a four-year degree program can do.

Rob Clark

SchoolCampus.org admin staff managing editor

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