Daytona State College Trims Access Fee For Students

Daytona State College

The students of Daytona State College will save more than tuition dollars this fall, as the institution cuts down an access fee that charges students for essentials like student portal costs, academic support services and Identification cards.

The fee that was officially approved by Florida Statutes, will decrease from $4.93 per credit hour to $1.35 per credit hour, it means that students will acquire a cost savings of 3.3 percent.

The reduction of the college fees came on top of a 2 percent tuition cut adopted last spring.

The Daytona State College’s board of trustees, officially agreed of the fee change during their meeting on Thursday, at which it also accepted a satisfactory yearly operating budget of $87 million for the fiscal year which will start on July 1.

Board Chairman Forough Hosseini said that the cut down to the access fee is simply amazing. And Hosseini noted that they are better off today compared last year.

The public state college located in Daytona Beach, Florida, will pick up from its general operating funds the bulk of access fee costs.

Tom LoBasso, Daytona State College president, stated that the college fee trimming results in about $1 million, is being pushed onto students based on 2016-17 estimated credit hours.

The move of DSC to ease the financial load of the students follows its success in adjusting its ranking among Florida’s 28 state colleges. Daytona State College has escalated from the lower ranks of schools, in the performance-based funding structure of the state, to the silver level.

That can be considered as an accomplishment that comes with an award of more performance-based funds.

LoBasso stated that in achieving a higher rank can hand over to the institution the breathing space to enhance savings for their students.

DSC president LoBasso made it known that their school is firm on sustaining its savings model for their students in the future, as well as passing savings along with their staffs.

The budget of the institution allows for an average of 2.8 percent increase for all Daytona State College employees.

On Thursday, the board agreed to extend LoBasso’s contract for another year – with his second year of leadership of the school starting on July 1.

Chairman Forough Hosseini stated that among LoBasso’s strengths, is his open communication channels with students, LoBasso’s persistence in solving issues that hit the DSC community and the extra attention he’s given to the satellite campuses of DSC.

Hosseini said that LoBasso is an amazing leader, where a person can see how his team listens to him and then follows his lead. LoBasso works very well with every element in the school.

Within the next year of LoBasso’s leadership, Hosseini and her board colleagues are very eager to see him charging ahead on establishing more associations with more institutions.

Hosseini stated that getting partnerships with other institutions are great – that would help their students.

Hosseini pointed out that it’s great if they can start more programs in their campus and encourage other colleges to offer the second two years.

Under the president’s contract, DSC president LoBasso’s compensation will include a base salary of $265,000, which is equivalent to his current salary mark.

Rob Clark admin staff managing editor

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